Analysing the self with transactional analysis – part 1

Written by Sophie Nusselder for Parimukti In this article I’ll introduce you to the transactional analysis. How do I apply this theory in life and how can a yogateacher apply this theory? Also you can read an interview with Angelica Macky; one of our teachers at Parimukti. What is the art of teaching according to … Read more

Building a relationship with the self – # 3

This article consists of 4 parts. This is part 3. Written by Sophie Nusselder Building a relationship with the self. Manjeet Manthur; one of the teachers of Parimukti is exploring this in meditations done by 2 persons. Interview with Manjeet Mantur   An interview with Manjeet Manthur Abramović and Ulay had to break up after … Read more

Our beautiful hall in Goa is ready :)

Slowly, slowly we are getting ready for the upcoming season in Arambol, Goa. Thanks to the hard work of our teachers… uhm… Mandi actually 😉 the hall is ready. Very beautifully located in a quiet area in Arambol, in the fields behind ‘Double Dutch’ restaurant, for the insiders. As we build the hall on a rooftoop … Read more

Connect to your inner child with yoga

Written by Sophie Nusselder for Parimukti When I discovered yoga in 2008, I almost instantly started to teach yoga to children. It was great as it is a very low profile way of starting to teach yoga. In the meantime very profound! As children learn and develop behaviour that forms much of their personality I … Read more

Study Yoga Anatomy to Heal Your Injuries!

Written by Sophie Nusselder for Parimukti Ever since my childhood I remember having a natural desire of physical movement. Born and raised in the Dutch countryside, I loved to ride my bike and hike in nature. Another great passion of mine is dance: practicing classical ballet opened my emotional life – I learned to allow … Read more

My First Impression of Parimukti TTC

Hi! I’m Sophie Nusselder; 34 years old and in Dharamkot since two days. For the next two months I will be volunteering for Parimukti Yoga & Meditation. From now on you can read my columns in this blog which will be about psychology, anatomy, physiology, philosophy and other topics related to yoga. During the last … Read more

Hi. My name is Emily and I’m a pollster – Part 2

This is part one of a two-part series on Intuition. Written by Emily Curtis for Parimukti   Part 2: The initiate takes the plunge Have you been in a yoga class where the instructor has said, “be your own teacher?” They’re telling us to find and be guided by our own inner wisdom. Not to mimic … Read more

The challenges and rewards of a home practice

Written by Emily Curtis for Parimukti I live in a yoga class desert in Goa. There are lots of teacher training programs, but as far as I know, the closest public asana class is 40 minutes away, at 7am, twice per week. Unfortunately for me, I find it difficult to maintain a personal daily asana practice. … Read more

Announcing Parimukti Yoga Therapy Training

I am very happy to finally announce the new Parimukti Yoga Therapy Training for yoga teachers and health professionals. Many people over the years have come to me asking to treat them for migraine, or pain or some other problems which they were not completely happy treating with western medicine. While we continue offering Level 1, 200hrs Yoga … Read more

Interview with Merel: ‘When queuing, it is survival of the fittest ‘

Last week, Merel was interviewed by the popular Dutch newspaper ‘het Parool’ for their column on former citizens of Amsterdam who have moved abroad. The article is based on a 1,5 hrs interview and written in Dutch by Anouk Vleugels. Below you find the translation. PS World weekly Skypes with a former citizen of Amsterdam who … Read more