Why Bali is the Best location for Yoga Teacher Training?

Yoga is for unleashing the infinite opportunities and physical limits to gain mental and spiritual benefits. It is the method to push your body into new levels that spell the new beam of life for you. Now Yoga Teacher Training can be done in any other country the benefits that you would get while being … Read more

200 hours Yoga Teacher training Residential course in Goa, India with Parimukti

In association with Yoga alliance USA The 200 hours yoga teacher training residential course in Goa with Parimukti gives you a fantastic solid foundation of the fundamentals of yoga If you aspire to have a conscious fulfilling life and gain a complete understanding of teaching as well as practicing your own unique expression of Yoga. … Read more


During a Yin Yoga session we want to connect to our meridian flow and a Dan Tien breath will facilitate this. Here is a guided instruction to help your students to find their Dan Tien Breath: “First pay attention to your exhalation. Exhale all the way out to clear out the lungs. During normal breathing … Read more


In the Daoist tradition there are said to be Three Treasures housed in the three Dan Tiens that in effect constitute our life. These are known as jing, chi and shen. The ultimate goal of all of the Oriental healing and health-promoting arts is to cultivate, balance and expand the Three Treasures. At the highest … Read more

A Simple Guide To Start A Mindfulness Practice

If mindfulness is a different state than our normal default way of being, how can we develop it? There are many different practices that can support the development of mindfulness, including different types of sitting meditation, movement, or even simply being in nature. The more you formally practice mindfulness, the more you will begin to … Read more

4 Practical Guidelines For A Mindfulness Meditation Practice

The following acronym that is often taught to direct your attentive awareness. R-A-I-N R – Recognize As we open to bare attention we notice what arises perhaps there are sounds, feelings, sensations in the body, or thoughts in the mind. As these various phenomenon pass through our consciousness we take the opportunity to pause, soften … Read more


Here is a suggestion of the qualities needed to integrate mindfulness in our lives: Focus on the Here & Now—Too often thoughts get lost in thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Always come back to what we are experiencing right now. We try to remain open to how things unfold in the … Read more


The mind indeed is the cause of one’s bondage and one’s liberation. Yogic scriptures describe the mind as an inner instrument. It stockpiles our memories, manifests our hopes and desires, and manages our daily activities. Yet despite the central role it plays in our lives, we rarely think about the mind itself. It is difficult … Read more

Best 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in Dharamshala India

Parimukti Yoga is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) through Yoga Alliance USA. We are dedicated to teaching yoga and meditation to every single individual who wants to explore themselves through this wonderful ancient practice in-depth. Parimukti is a sanskrit word which means the path to freedom through realisation of who we are. Using the teachings … Read more