Yoga Therapy for Lifestyle Diseases #2

Yesterday I introduced lifestyle diseases and their prevalence in (Western) high-income countries. Common lifestyle diseases are for example burn-out, obesity, depression, anxiety disorder, diabetes mellitus type 2, allergies, arthritis. And this is only a few. The most common underlaying cause for development of these diseases is stress: (perceived) stress triggered by our way of life. … Read more

Yoga Therapy for Lifestyle Diseases #1

Next week we will start the second module of the Parimukti Yoga Therapy Training with a focus on ‘Yoga Therapy for Common Lifestyle Diseases. In the following series you will read more about what common lifestyle diseases are and how yoga can be used in a therapeutical setting. We choose to focus on lifestyle diseases, … Read more

Energy of Compassion: the New Global Currency #1

This article is written by Emily Curtis for Parimukti and consists of two parts Today part 1 I believe all of creation is of equal worth. I believe in a world where all of creation can thrive. Right now, I’m in Nepal. A country that has been hard-hit by a massive earthquake, a fuel-crisis—the crippling … Read more

If you hold on to the bad, how will it ever pass?

Indians keep surprising me with the wisdom they are able to share in one single sentence at moments that you least expect it. I was reminded today about a conversation I had one day in Rishikesh, about three years ago. It was in a chai shop along the street. Around that time, in several places … Read more

Life as a Student at Parimukti by Charley Smeets #2

Every day after breakfast we had art of teaching class. This subject underlines a complete explanation of all the asanas, alignment, physiology and also covers the method of teaching in general. We started the training with basic information and we worked our way through all the asana poses. It’s very nice to get to know every pose, step by … Read more

Happy New Year: Keep Calm and Yoga On

From Parimukti we wish you all a beautiful 2016 with lots of inner ánd outer smiles, love from ánd for yourself, reflection ánd inspiration Contemplation ánd Transformation! Address: Parimukti Yoga Center, Kanira Homes, Girkarwaddo, End of Magic Park Road, Arambol, 403524, Goa, India Phone: +919637521278 Email: Website: Yin Yoga Training Goa | 200 … Read more

The Best Mudras and Yoga Asanas for Women’s Health

~ To be a woman ~ The female body is one of nature’s most wonderful and complex creation. It is the origin of  human life. It is ever changing, reshaping, adjusting as a woman’s journey in life is punctuated by many cycles: childhood, puberty, pregnancy, motherhood, menopause.. I am happy to be a woman, even though … Read more

How to Overcome Fear of Death through Yoga & Meditation – #3

This article consists of three parts: #1 – The Root of Fear of Death #2 – Turn Unhealthy Fear into Healthy Fear #3 – Asana & Meditation to Overcome Fear of Death #3 – Yin Yoga Sequence to Overcome Fear of Death Body-Mind Connection In the last part of this series I introduced a few meditation techniques to … Read more

My Teacher Training with Parimukti #3 – Reflections after the training

The first words that come to mind when I think about last month are: intensive, reflection and a steep learning curve in a warm and welcoming surrounding. What a month it has been! Transforming into a yoga teacher foremost teaches you about yourself. The magic of being a yoga teacher is that you become a … Read more

My Teacher Training with Parimukti #2 – Accept your body as it is

Written by Roos Apotheker for Parimukti Roos joined the Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training and is sharing her experiences with us here. On the 7th day of our yoga teacher training, during an extra yoga asana workshop, I made an unfortunate move and sprained my knee. What exactly happened I don’t know, but I still … Read more