How can meditation help to change structures in the brain? #2

This article consist of 6 parts. This is part 2. Written by Sophie Nusselder The last view years scientist proved meditation is able to change structures in the brain. That’s interesting information! Don’t you think? When I heard Merel Martens – founder of Parimukti TT gave a reading about this topic last summer; I almost … Read more

How can meditation help to change structures in the brain? #4

This article consist of 6 parts. This is part 4. Written by Sophie Nusselder. 10.000 new brains cells a day For a long time scientists thought the brain had a certain number of cells. What is quite new and beautiful information the last few years, is that everybody makes 10.000 new brain cells a day; … Read more

Meditation Courses

 Parimukti Yoga Offers Various Spiritual Transformation yoga Meditation courses and Certified Meditation Teacher Training Course in Goa, India. They offers comprehensively structured meditation teacher training to yoga meditation students & healers from around the world who wish to deepen their knowledge and meditation practice. With various yoga meditation courses, healing workshops and residential retreats … Read more

Mindfullness. Do I get it? #1

Mindfulness. Do I get it? #1 Written by Hillary R. Hoff I’ve been pursuing the act of meditating for a few years and it isn’t until recently I feel I understand what it’s mostly all about. Everyone has their own opinion and will meditate a different way. Some believe meditation is a time to reflect … Read more

Yoga and Meditation to Release your Creativity #2

This series on Creativity consists of two articles:  #1 Creativity is our true essence #2 Meditation to liberate your creativity Meditation to liberate your creativity ~ Asana Sequence for Creativity ~ In my previous pose I claimed that everybody is creative. Just sometimes we need a little help to get it out there. If you feel … Read more

How to Overcome Fear of Death through Yoga & Meditation – #3

This article consists of three parts: #1 – The Root of Fear of Death #2 – Turn Unhealthy Fear into Healthy Fear #3 – Asana & Meditation to Overcome Fear of Death #3 – Yin Yoga Sequence to Overcome Fear of Death Body-Mind Connection In the last part of this series I introduced a few meditation techniques to … Read more

My Teacher Training with Parimukti #3 – Reflections after the training

The first words that come to mind when I think about last month are: intensive, reflection and a steep learning curve in a warm and welcoming surrounding. What a month it has been! Transforming into a yoga teacher foremost teaches you about yourself. The magic of being a yoga teacher is that you become a … Read more

Why Yoga Makes You Cry

Did you ever start crying uncontrollably during a Yoga class?! I did. It happened to me during my first yoga class, in New York city about 10 years ago…  If I remember well,  it was almost at the end of the class. The big room was crowded, full of young dancers from the Broadway Dance … Read more

Analysing the self with transactional analysis – part 4

Written by Sophie Nusselder for Parimukti In this article I’ll introduce you to the transactional analysis. How do I apply this theory in life and how can a yogateacher apply this theory? Also you can read an interview with Angelica Macky; one of our teachers at Parimukti. What is the art of teaching according to … Read more

Building a relationship with the self – # 4

This article consists of 4 parts. This is part 4. Written by Sophie Nusselder Experiences of the students I jumped into it with and open mind; without any expectations what this practice had to bring for me and was pleasantly surprised. Mangeet is able to create a space where people with different backgrounds and nationalities … Read more