Benefits of Meditation Therapy

What is meditation? Meditation is a philosophical and psychological discipline of maintaining balance in training the mind and body to focus on peace and serenity. What is meditation therapy? Meditation therapy is the process of healing the negative factors in one’s life like fear, sadness, loneliness and to find inner peace, love, and happiness. What … Read more

Meditation Therapy Training in Goa

What is Meditation? Meditation is an art of self-introspection. It is not only concentrating its is living every breath you take. It brings positivity in one’s life. Your mind diverts to a positive path if you meditate daily. It is a self-healing process. What is Meditation Therapy? Meditation therapy is process of self-healing using meditation. … Read more

Meditation Therapy Training Course in Goa

What is Meditation? Meditation is a highly effective method for working on the mind. It promotes an alert and skilful state of mind which requires us to remain present and ‘with’ whatever is happening in and around us. Its not difficult to meditate but it a process one can learn by undergoing the meditation therapy … Read more

Meditation Therapy Training Course in Goa India

Meditation Therapy Training Course in Goa Parimukti Yoga offers various spiritual transformation yoga meditation retreats – chakra therapy energy healing and certified meditation training course in Goa, India. They offers comprehensively structured meditation teacher training to yoga meditation students & healers from around the world who wish to deepen their knowledge and meditation practice. With … Read more

Meditation Therapy and Menstruation

MEDITATION THERAPY AND MENSTRUATION These series of articles touch upon content of my recent book “Essential Meditation Therapy”, written for everyone involved using Meditation for healing. Please join me on a journey of mind-body anatomy and physiology relevant to Meditation therapy! With love, Merel Martens – Founder Parimukti Meditation India The female body is constantly responding … Read more

Announcing Parimukti Yoga Therapy Training

I am very happy to finally announce the new Parimukti Yoga Therapy Training for yoga teachers and health professionals. Many people over the years have come to me asking to treat them for migraine, or pain or some other problems which they were not completely happy treating with western medicine. While we continue offering Level 1, 200hrs Yoga … Read more