Our beautiful hall in Goa is ready :)

Slowly, slowly we are getting ready for the upcoming season in Arambol, Goa. Thanks to the hard work of our teachers… uhm… Mandi actually 😉 the hall is ready. Very beautifully located in a quiet area in Arambol, in the fields behind ‘Double Dutch’ restaurant, for the insiders. As we build the hall on a rooftoop … Read more

My First Impression of Parimukti TTC

Hi! I’m Sophie Nusselder; 34 years old and in Dharamkot since two days. For the next two months I will be volunteering for Parimukti Yoga & Meditation. From now on you can read my columns in this blog which will be about psychology, anatomy, physiology, philosophy and other topics related to yoga. During the last … Read more

Hi. My name is Emily and I’m a pollster

This is part one of a two-part series on Intuition. Written by Emily Curtis for Parimukti Part 1: Addicted to wanting to know When learning a trade, a language, or perhaps when we’re next in line to carry the torch of a lineage such as yoga, or other spiritual tradition, it makes sense to have a … Read more

After Vinyasa must come chai !☺☺☺

Day 3 of our Teacher Training Course This morning started with ashtanga vinyasa style Suryanamaskars to warm our bodies up from the Himalayan chill. Following our practice we were greeted with masala chai and coconut museli.   As the day progressed the sun came out and heated up Dharamkot just in time for some relaxation … Read more

Day two- Vrksasana

The sun was shining brightly into class this morning as we practiced our salutations. Our new students doing the tree pose, Vrksasana- a great way to start the day by both balancing and grounding! Address: Parimukti Yoga Center, Kanira Homes, Girkarwaddo, End of Magic Park Road, Arambol, 403524, Goa, India Phone: +919637521278 Email: info@parimukti.com Website: … Read more

3 powerful ways to overcome negative emotions with awareness and attention.

Our lives are emotional roller coasters,sometimes full of ecstatic moments of excitement and joy and at other times filled with  endless valleys of mind numbing sadness. Some of these emotions tend to stay and disturb our minds and moods and control our daily lives, even to the extent of interfering with our well-being and happiness. When the … Read more