What can be technical elements for a children’s yoga class?

      What can be technical elements for a children’s yoga class? Written by Sophie Nusselder Every hosted a children’s yoga class? It can be superfun! In this blog I share a list of “ingredients” – elements that proved to be powerful in children’s yoga classes I hosted the last view years. Hopefully they help you to … Read more

How can yoga and meditation help you in your relationships?

How can Yoga and meditation help you in your relationships? Written by Caroline Hecker Yoga and meditation brings you in balance with yourself. With being in balance you get more peaceful and calm- this feeling of calmness is not only existing when you practice yoga or meditation- a good yoga or meditationteacher helps you to … Read more

Five Tips to Bring a Sense of Humor to your Yoga Mat

“If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane” Robert Frost We all know the importance of self-discovery and awareness in our yoga practice, but do we know the value of a sense of humor? A simple smile allows us to change our perspective. Being lighter in our opinions both of the world and ourselves.  ~ Keep … Read more

Analysing the self with transactional analysis – part 4

Written by Sophie Nusselder for Parimukti In this article I’ll introduce you to the transactional analysis. How do I apply this theory in life and how can a yogateacher apply this theory? Also you can read an interview with Angelica Macky; one of our teachers at Parimukti. What is the art of teaching according to … Read more

Charming gardeners

Some days you just feel overwhelmed by gratitude. Today is one of these days for me. One of the students giving her exam class started her class today with the following quote from Marcel Proust: Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. First … Read more

Tantra Time

Expect the unexpected. Last night two friends and I decided we would go to a contact dance session. We walked up the hill a little and then followed a non existent path into what felt like the wilderness. When we arrived the vibe was super chill. Sadly there wasnt enough people there in order to … Read more