Yoga and Meditation to Release your Creativity #2

This series on Creativity consists of two articles: 
#1 Creativity is our true essence
#2 Meditation to liberate your creativity

Meditation to liberate your creativity

~ Asana Sequence for Creativity ~
In my previous pose I claimed that everybody is creative. Just sometimes we need a little help to get it out there. If you feel like you are not creative or are in a difficult phase and nothing is coming out of your hands, body, mind 🙂 Then try theses asanas and meditation as they givemental spaciousness to discover creativity. For me they proved pretty powerful!

Here some asanas and pranayama that bring that state of awareness we need to open ourselves to possibilities, and find inspiration. 1. Balasana (Child pose): Children’s imagination run wild. They have the ability to turn trees into houses, bedrooms into castles. As we grow older, taken our responsibilities as a burden, we loose that space of imagination. Child pose can bring you back to that feeling of being in ‘Your own little world’. Its just you alone with only the sound of the breath.

2. Eka Pada Rajakapotanasana (Pigeon Pose): We often store trauma and negative energy in hips and pelvis. However, make sure you find comfort in the pose to get full effect of what Pigeon can do for you inside and out. Holding the Pigeon fold for at least 10 breathes gives wonders to stretch the body and likewise other mental spaces are released as well.

3. Sirsasana  (Head Stand): Finding a new perspective! Turning upside down can help to find answers, to see things clearly. Practice this pose, even with the wall’s support, with eyes open and focusing on the breath, clears everything, as we focus  on balance and strength. That resting time coming from that altered perspective, unlocks creativity.

4. Savasana  (Corpse Pose): Practicing dying can be really regenerative. Dying in a sense of letting go. Being in the present moment. Releasing emotional tension and complications can work great for finding inspiration for whatever you need.

5. Nadi Shodhana Pranayama (Alternative Nostril breathing ): Tap into your creativity with a purifying and balancing technique that leads to a state of deep, receptive calm. The practice can open you to a rush of creativity while quieting your inner critic.

Yoga gets you out of your head and into your body-breath-spirit, so when you get back into your head it is different in there. Remind that often one intention sparks many more… 😉

~ Meditation to Spark Creativity ~

Meditation Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 6.11.16 PMoffers enormous benefits for everyone, and a set of particular benefits for those who are engaged in a creative activity. Meditation creates the mental and emotional conditions in which insight, perception, and revelation are most likely to flourish. For centuries, it was thought that such qualities were the innate gifts of a special elite, born not made. Now brain mapping shows those qualities to be available to all who meditate.

Meditation creates a place of safety from where we can take risks and soothes creativity anxiety. By consciously quieting the chatter of our surface mind, we claim our authentic and essential Self, the indefinable essence that makes us unique and different from everyone else.

As we claim this Self more fully, we become more open to expressing it. Meditation can connect us to our creative, imaginative, and artistic space. The human mind operates at three levels :
– Surface (Intellect, Ego)
– Mind, Deep Mind (Emotional, Intuitive )
– Beyond Mind (Imaginative, Inspirational )

Meditation has benefits with regard to all three, most particularly in how it allows us to tap the deeper, wiser dimensions of our minds. Neuroscience is showing, through brain mapping, how meditation affects brain wave activity. The difference is a shift, in the meditator, from the stress-prone right frontal cortex. Regular meditation shows increased brain activity in areas associated with the creative and the mystical. This is the shift  that Albert Einstein  described as “the most beautiful emotion we can experience… The underlying power of all true art and science “.

Meditation makes us very much less vulnerable to critics and to the pressures and persuasions of others. By freeing us from the surface chatter of our everyday mind andthe sticky grasp of emotions, meditation allows us to observe ourselves and others more clearly, to see and appreciate, what we are making as we do it. To enjoy the process as much as the result.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 6.10.05 PMSo… give it a try. Let’s be creative. Let’s be ourselves…

And remember these beautiful words by Oscar Wilde:
“Be Yourself. Everyone else is taken.” 🙂


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