How can yoga and meditation help you in your relationships?

How can Yoga and meditation help you in your relationships? Written by Caroline Hecker Yoga and meditation brings you in balance with yourself. With being in balance you get more peaceful and calm- this feeling of calmness is not only existing when you practice yoga or meditation- a good yoga or meditationteacher helps you to … Read more

Five Tips to Bring a Sense of Humor to your Yoga Mat

“If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane” Robert Frost We all know the importance of self-discovery and awareness in our yoga practice, but do we know the value of a sense of humor? A simple smile allows us to change our perspective. Being lighter in our opinions both of the world and ourselves.  ~ Keep … Read more

Uncover your impurities! Part 2

This article consists of 6 chapters Introduction – let your seed sprout! – uncover your impurities! Avidya: ignorance Asmita: I feeling – the ego Raga: attachment to pleasure Dwesha: aversion Abhinivesah: fear of death + conclusion Today you can read part 2: Avidya – ignorance YS 2.4 Avidya is the root cause As discussed earlier … Read more

Happier than a Seagull

Not quite sure if it is possible: being happier than a seagull with a French fry. When I teach about ‘happiness’ and explain other people about why I practice and teach yoga – ‘because I seek lasting happiness’ – I am often confronted with remarks like: “Isn’t that very superficial? Why then don’t you just … Read more

A personal perspective on my yoga journey

There is one thing very close to my heart right now and that is Recovery.  Recovery from what ever suffering is occurring in your life; addiction, intense self criticism, financial woes. I have  a lot of personal experience In this area.  I have battled with an eating disorder for many years and as a result … Read more