8 essential rules for a simple and effective yogic self practice?

Yoga can be learned at home by following instructions from authentic books or CDs.  Yoga is kind of exercise that needs synchronization of body, breath, and awareness aimed towards health and self transformation.  However, while trying to learn yoga at home by oneself, emphasize should be laid more on personal safety than on anything else.  … Read more

The dangers of practicing  yoga at home without a proper instruction

“Yog” or popularly known term “yoga” means union or process of joining.  Yoga is joining of awareness which is otherwise fragmented due to constant interference of thoughts emotions and ego. With integration of awareness, yoga brings about corresponding integration in body and it’s chemistry.  Thus yoga works on you not only on physical level through … Read more

day 27: celebration time

yeah, we all made it!! so proud of everyone. we are now yoga teachers! thanks to merel who made this great experience possible, she is a very special woman. it was a great course and i learnt so much more than i even dreamt of. i cannot even grasp it yet, guess i will realize … Read more

day 26: 2 out of 3 are teachers! CONGRATS!!

today morning and afternoon both, ryan and cari held a hatha class instead of our teacher mandi. so also mandi’s regular students were coming and attending the session. both did a very good job, ryan was doing his own personalized variation of a vinyasa in his hatha sequence and was talking very confident. cari was … Read more

day 25: exam day

we had our exam today, it was really nice – i felt prepared, and so all 3 of my group passed. i didn’t have to study too much because the whole topic is so interesting to us that we would talk about that stuff anyways in the evening or weekends. never thought i would make … Read more

day 24: study, relax & resume

the time has passed fast, almost 4 weeks intense yoga classes, tomorrow we have the written exam. today we had hatha with mandi, then awesome breakfast, satsang with rajee, the guru, whose followers fall to his feed after his speech. in the lunch break we sat together & prepared for the exam, later i was … Read more

day 23: join my exam on saturday! :)

the sequence for my hatha class, fixed! saturday afternoon 4pm at blue pyramid – join if you have time! 🙂 our theoretical exam will be on thursday, so i still need to study a whole lot. but i guess i got a basic understanding, this should help too. there is still anatomy lessons with merel … Read more

day 22: study & preparation time starts

the last week of the training started, on saturday morning i am going to teach my first drop in yoga class. today i arranged my sequence and thought about warm up, meditation and chanting parts and tomorrow the teachers will have a quick look at it. i actually start to feel comfortable with the poses … Read more

day 20 & 21: arambol time

besides an awesome hatha class with manfred, the austrian, in the morning, we had the day off for self study. so we enjoyed arambol – rich breakfast, inspiring talks, reading a bit & feeding a puppy all at “love temple”. then meeting our girls for some raw vegan ice cream at “once in nature” followed … Read more