IMG_0782.JPGAfter a week of reading harrowing stories in the media surrounding the refugee crisis all seriously disturbing.

I have found myself selfishly asking “What can I do ?”. I want to help and I know this helping will alleviate the guilt I have about being so lucky to be born in the country I was. It is just pot luck. The reason I don’t have to run and find refuge is because I am lucky enough to have both a European and Australian passport. I remember that when I was applying for my Australian citizenship I was really reluctant. I felt a lot of hostility toward the Aussie Government Government Government Government Government Government Government were mindlessly locking up refugees at that time (and still do). I remember my mom saying to me that I was so lucky to have the opportunity to even be able to obtain an Australian passport- people die for it.

Since moving to India it has again been reinforced just how lucky I am. So what can I do with all this ‘luck’? Luck and the liberation to actually help.
I asked my friend and fellow teacher. I suggested a fundraiser at a local cafe. He said ‘yeah but what will we do with the money?’. I said ‘then what can we do?’
He said ‘ We are already doing it. The world is unconscious and we are trying to help people reach and get in touch with their consciousness and humanity so that things like this don’t happen’. We can give money and it certainly helps in crisis but the people who call themselves world leaders need to expand their consciousness and realise that we are all the same. If you suffer I suffer. If you are happy I am full of Joy, your child is my child.

I have really become a lot more compassionate instead of angry in this past year. Often when someone betrays you feel resentment. Well in actuality that person more than ever needs your compassion. I have received so much from my yoga family 🙂 (Here I go plugging yoga again) but seriously its true..Ive never been amongst a bunch of people so kind, funny and loving.
We need to form a global community of compassionate people that grows and grows until it smothers everything else. Raise our global consciousness. I think its possible.

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