Life as a Student at Parimukti by Charley Smeets #2

Every day after breakfast we had art of teaching class. This subject underlines a complete explanation of all the asanas, alignment, physiology and also covers the method of teaching in general. We started the training with basic information and we worked our way through all the asana poses. It’s very nice to get to know every pose, step by step. It makes you understand what you are doing yourself. But also how you can explain it in the best way to your students and
finally making sure they are doing it right and safe. Combined with teaching the right alignment it makes the whole pose complete. Merel taught this subject and of course you can see she is full of knowledge. I even understood the information she gave us on physiology, which definitely had been a while since I got that in high
school. For me this class given by Merel and the whole information will give me confidence in passing it on to my future students.

Then our day continued with anatomy, given by Anna. This subject is obviously all about the human body. Anna was like a little bundle of knowledge. She is a massage therapist as well and has been practicing yoga for a long time. So she could give us a lot of in depth knowledge. We had to learn the most important joints, muscles and movements in our body. With teaching yoga it’s important to have a basic understanding of the body and how it works. It was a lot of
information to take in and we had to go over it every night. I can’t say I always did that though haha, after a long day I was simply too tired to take in more information. Nonetheless Anna made sure we repeated a lot so all the information stuck with us. In the practical exam there were questions like; what happens in the shoulders during downward facing dog and what is the main function of … ( a particular muscle). I liked the anatomy classes because it made me
comprehend the body and its nice to relate each pose to all the muscles that are active. You feel your own body better and you get a deeper focus because of that. It made me more dedicated as well. Now I know what I want to practice more to make particular muscles stronger. In anatomy we learned that no body is the same and that an asana can look completely different from person to person. So it is about accepting that and taking the positive out of it and working
from there on.

In the end its about making everything you get in life your own. You learn from all that you experience. You take what is there to be taken and you leave what you feel can better be left. You make your own individual story of it. And even though its difficult and sometimes hard work, I guess its necessary in order to become and stay close to yourself.
How does this relate to the training? I think that many people do this training and practice or teach yoga. But its about making it your own, and finding your own interests and developing your individual skills.


Charley Every day we were having lunch out. There’s a few nice restaurants in Dharamkot 🙂 

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