Yoga- An Anti-Aging Therapy Teacher Training in Goa

Do you want to know what the best anti-aging therapy is? Firstly, let us see what aging all is about. Aging brings along with its skin deterioration, weakening of muscles, increased mental anxiety, and several health problems. What if all these problems have only one solution? It does! And the answer to all these problems … Read more

Yoga Therapy for Lifestyle Diseases #1

Next week we will start the second module of the Parimukti Yoga Therapy Training with a focus on ‘Yoga Therapy for Common Lifestyle Diseases. In the following series you will read more about what common lifestyle diseases are and how yoga can be used in a therapeutical setting. We choose to focus on lifestyle diseases, … Read more

Energy of Compassion: the New Global Currency #1

This article is written by Emily Curtis for Parimukti and consists of two parts Today part 1 I believe all of creation is of equal worth. I believe in a world where all of creation can thrive. Right now, I’m in Nepal. A country that has been hard-hit by a massive earthquake, a fuel-crisis—the crippling … Read more

How to bring Attention and Intention in your Daily Life

This article is written by Azuka Muse for Parimukti According to many spiritual traditions, including the yoga tradition, attention and intention  are the two most powerful tools we have to use to expand our human potential and our happiness. But how to bring these into your daily life? ~ Know the difference between goal and intention … Read more