Practical Impacts of Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa India

Yoga is a proven method for reliving stress. But many people avoid yoga due to the fear of heavy exercises and they fear having a joint twist or pain. This is all a myth, if done under great supervision yoga proves to be a great stress reliever and good for health also. Benefits of Yoga … Read more

Purpose of Yoga Teacher Training

What is yoga? Yoga is the perfect exercise blend for many active people. It is a balancing regimen that strengthens the body, focuses the mind, and helps create a felt sense of spirit. Yoga is an ancient philosophy of life as well as a system of exercises that encourages the union of mind, body, and … Read more

Learn, Love and Live Yoga Teacher Training Goa

Immerse yourself in the world of an ancient and powerful discipline for cultivating physical, mental and spiritual growth – Yoga. This intimate practice offers escapism, peace of mind and a sense of stability for all who endeavour to learn. By embracing yoga teacher training in goa, you will be opened to a whole new perspective … Read more

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course In Goa India

A yoga teacher training course is designed for yoga practitioners of all levels, looking forward to more profound practice. These courses are divided into different duration’s. A person looking forward to the course can opt for any of the course but for the beginners 200 hour yoga teacher training Goa is appropriate. The basic course … Read more

How to structure a children’s yoga class?

  Written by Sophie Nusselder Similar to a typical adult or teen yoga class, children’s yoga classes can be structured as follows: 1.Tune in (3-5 min) with a song, conversation, pranayama, mantra. Choose a way to gather energies and tune in to a similar vibration. 2.Set the intention or inspiration of the class (5-10 min) … Read more

How do we practise mindfullness while watching our movie?

How do we practise mindfullness while watching our movie? Written by Hillary R. Hoff According to Yoga International the physical body is the holding of material and matter which makes us, us. Our life energy that governs our biological process, from breathing to digestion to the circulation of our blood. Our prana, also known as … Read more

Improve your concentration with pranayama

  Improve your concentration with pranayama Topic of all the previous articles was the 4th step of the eightfolded path: pranayama. I outlined what pranayama is. Also I’ll paid attention to physical and mental aspects of integrating pranayama in your daily life and I added breathing exercises I practise and might be beneficial for you … Read more

Energy of Compassion: the New Global Currency #1

This article is written by Emily Curtis for Parimukti and consists of two parts Today part 1 I believe all of creation is of equal worth. I believe in a world where all of creation can thrive. Right now, I’m in Nepal. A country that has been hard-hit by a massive earthquake, a fuel-crisis—the crippling … Read more

The Time I Sprained my Ankle on a Guitar Tuner

This article is written by Amy Ruben  It’s in that flash of a moment—the moment that quite possibly didn’t even exist—that we remember. This is called instinct. Our instinct graciously, yet, frantically, jumps up and down and waves a red flag in front of our face. Why? To protect our precious physical body from danger. … Read more

Five New Movement Meditations Everyone Should Try!

Repetitive movements that we make all day long, that we usually think of as ‘boring’ actually can become a perfect opportunity to develop our meditation skills. It only needs us to recognize them and add some conscious intention to them. There are many different ways to do a meditation, which is great as not everyone is … Read more