day 8: let’s start teaching

after the nice weekend studying and beach, today was a pretty intense start into week number two with about 4,5 hours of yoga in total. very interesting was our first teaching attempt in the class called “art of teaching”: we were all preparing warm up & sun salutations and had to teach the class this … Read more

day 6 & 7: time to relax

today we had a tough vinyasa class in the morning followed by 2 lections of anatomy, discussing the different upper body muscles. but actually we couldn’t wait for noon to come, so we could all go to the beach – some the very first time here in goa. in the evening we went to the … Read more

day 5: the emotions are coming up

almost one week is behind us, five days of working on our body, mind and soul. “my neck pain is gone” or “i had such a great sleep” are just a few of the benefits i can hear in the group. at yesterdays kundalini dance lots of emotions came up, also in todays breathing exercise … Read more

day 2: meditation class is silent and boring. not!

good evening, guys! i just returned from my training, gonna do my homework and fall asleep! it was an exhausting day. after hatha yoga in the morning, we had a class called art of teaching where we got the basic structure of a vinyasa class. after lunch we had anotomy and actually i think the … Read more

day 1: i’m a student again!!

hello guys, namaste! i had a really good day today: mind opening classes in stunning surroundings, i’m still flying! 🙂 we started the day with an easy vinyasa class while the sun was rising. my favorite was the following philosophy class, we discussed what yoga is and what it’s not. it was interesting to hear … Read more

ever wondered what’s a yoga teacher training like? i started today, follow my diary! :)

namaste! my name is sandra, i’m from austria and i am doing the parimukti 200 hrs yoga teacher training in goa. i am going to keep you guys updated on daily base with pictures about the classes & around. so just let me know if you like it, or if you have some questions, or … Read more

Nobody is perfect.

‘Nobody is perfect’. This is one of these sayings that is used often and everybody agrees to generally shaking their head in vogorous approval when somebody blurts it out. But have you really reflected upon accepting yourself as you are and integrated it into your life? Have you really applied this saying towards yourself? Have … Read more

Open your heart and love yourself first

In yoga classes and meditations often the teacher asks you to ‘open your heart’, to see the good in everyone, to ‘realise that we are all one’ and ‘to develop love and compassion for all around you’. One very important remark that has to be noted when reflecting upon these statements is that while opening … Read more