day 19: day of “the monsun”

it’s only 1 more week to our exams, i can’t believe time passed by so fast. however we are separated in a small group of 3 people now (cari, ryan snd me) and have different classes, much more intense and private. today morning there was a big rainshower that set the shala under water so … Read more

day 18: thank you for being a friend..

if there is something i am sure to say already by now: this group of people is wonderful! if it’s the boys or the girls – everyone is giving his/her personal best without comparing to each other, there is always friendly and uplifting words, hugs and friendships gestures around the place and happy faces already … Read more

day 17: body systems

the first weeks in anatomy we were going over the skeleton, muscles and other tissues in the body as well as their functions. now we are starting to learn/repeat the body systems like function of the heart, lungs, oxigen exchange in the body etc. merel who studied medicin and ayurvedic medicin is perfect cast for … Read more

day 16: ever had a lecture on group vomitting? read that!

today we started our day instead of asanas with cleansing processes. we cleaned out our eyes, nostrils and… yes, our stomachs! it was actually hillarious: 30 people standing aside a lake at 7 am in the morning not able to imagine they are gonna bath their eyeballs in salty water or shoving a rubber stick … Read more

day 15: hatha, chakras and belts

today my group was sitting together to discuss our exam class, we’ll have 2 hours for 4 people – so each 30 mins, traditional hatha sequence. i got the last part: standing/balancing positions followed by savasana, pranayama practice & chanting. now i need a nice set up of asanas which should make about 20 mins. … Read more

day 13 & 14: let go of the old

today we decided on a yoga style for our exams, i will prepare a traditional hatha class for the students. it is fullmoon, and we are sending laterns with little notes on things that we want to let go up in the dark sky. it’s a beautiful and freeing gesture. sunday will be rest day … Read more

day 12: books, mirrors & exams

today we had the opportunity to get some of the most important literature about yoga, a bookstore salesman came by our place and we made some quite big shopping. in the evening we had a meditation. we all received a mirror and a candle and had to look at ourselves. the outcome was quite different … Read more

day 11: yoga is not an exercise

my personal favorite is the philosophy class, so i’m glad we are given a daily dose of one hour with yogesh. today we learnt that the word asana means “sit comfortably” in sanskrit. yogis cannot be concentrated in long meditation sessions, if their back hurts or they have lack of control over their bodies. there … Read more

day 10: willpower & creativity

as i already mentioned yesterday, we get a bit tired with all exercise, studying and emotions. any of the teachers support us a lot by remembering us always about the opportunity to stay strong. stay in one pose longer, it’s just the mind that gets wesk or try this pose, imagine it first and just … Read more

day 9: where is my energy?

in the 2nd week obviously the energy goes down, everybody is tired from working on so many levels – but it has a great effect: i cannot even eat as much as i burn. although the included food is really rich, delicious & nutritious, today i had to walk to a little shop in the … Read more