Five Tips to Bring a Sense of Humor to your Yoga Mat

“If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane”
Robert Frost

We all know the importance of self-discovery and awareness in our yoga practice, but do we know the value of a sense of humor? A simple smile allows us to change our perspective. Being lighter in our opinions both of the world and ourselves. Smile in your Life

~ Keep a beginners mind ~
We learn more efficiently when we play. Like kids, keep your practice playful and just play the game. Bring a sense of curiosity, innocence and kindness to your mat (and life!). Experiencing things as we are seeing them for the first time is joyfully rewarding and keeps us young! 🙂

~ Laugh at your ego ~
With yoga practice, there is comedy because we have to battle our ego all the time. I am sure we have all met some people in class, very determined and fixated on the appearance… or that one who is concerned with being seen as ‘yogic’, ‘spiritual’, or close to ‘enlighted ‘. In any case yoga has become another platform for the ego, the need of attention and competitiveness. This requires us to cultivate a sense of detachment. 😉

~ Keep a softer approach ~
Having respect for yourself and a lighter perspective regarding the postures. There is no medal for any physical accomplishment on your mat. 🙂 Practice with a sense of wonder and lightness.

~ Being in the present moment ~
Skipping feelings of doubt and  insecurity, mantras as ‘I can’t ‘, ‘I am not good enough ‘ or even ‘I am awesome, look at me!’. Be open to the experience. Asana is for everyone. Once we shed the chattering of the mind of insecurity or awesomeness (both coming from the ego), we will find the way to express the poses reflecting our own individuality.

~ Smile ~
If we can bring a smile to our face, we will start to find the yoga in the simple things in life, in our relationshiops and in the challenges that life has to offer.

“Wonder rather than doubt is the root of all knowledge”
Abraham Joshua Heschel


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