Charming gardeners

Some days you just feel overwhelmed by gratitude. Today is one of these days for me. One of the students giving her exam class started her class today with the following quote from Marcel Proust: Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

First of all I feel infinitely grateful for the opportunity of spending my life here in India, practicing and studying yoga. Understanding my own body, mind and how their interrelate. How, by understanding that I can change my life, how I live my life and make mindful and conscious choices. It is even more beautiful that I get the chance to pass this on to others. It is because of the students coming here that I can do what I do. Other than my personal motivation for constantly growing spiritually, it is these very students that stimulate me to keep on learning and transforming.

Gratitude for Charming Gardeners

As we are coming to an end of this month’s teacher training I see how the students have been changing over the past few weeks. What strikes me most is how much they are shining! Really, they shine so brightly from their eyes! All of them have made some radical changes and transformation. Some have overcome the idea that they would never be good enough to stand in front of a group teaching anything. They have realised their strength, knowledge, experience and value of sharing this with others. Especially in a supporting environment like a teacher training they could safely practice, face their fears, maybe have a black out, and finish off with a beautiful class. Other students make a powerful transformation by really coming in touch with their bodies and releasing stored up emotions and tension in their muscles, connective tissue through their connection with the nervous system.

I feel so thankful for being surrounded by such beautiful teachers, whom make these great trainings what they are. One of the teachers has been pretty sick the last few days and had to go through some very intense hospital test and treatments. Luckily she is feeling much better again and I felt so thankful to see her healthy and up again.

And, you know what, the list of people and things that I am grateful for is endless. The farmer involved in the process of growing the delicious pumpkin I ate today, the person inventing the boiler that enables to heat up the water so I can enjoy a hot shower on chilly mountain mornings. The eagle flying around so gracefully that by observing it helps me being in the moment. All those great teachers in the past that have given us so much of knowledge-wisdom. And, … , and…, and…

Like I said, an endless list. Most important though is to be grateful consciously. I mean, the eagle is flying there for everybody to be observed, the farmer is farming for everyone. But how often are you mindful about all the efforts being done to get your food to your plate?  I could get grumpy about the cold morning, but all I achieve is negative thoughts. Rather enjoy the warm water. Or, when there is a power cut (not uncommon here in India) I do a few rounds of sun salutations or make a walk and feel gratitude for my body that allows me to do that. So yeah, make the effort, be grateful.

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