Multi-Style Yoga Teachers Training Course with Yin Focus

DatesTuitionTuition Plus FoodDorm roomPrivate room
(Double Occupancy)
Deluxe room
(Double Occupancy)
Private deluxe
villa (Double Occupancy)
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4-17 Nov 2022$2600$3200$3700$4200$4500$5000Book Now
6-28 Jan 2023$2600$3200$3700$4200$4500$5000 Book Now
2-24 Feb $2600$3200$3700$4200$4500$5000Book Now
3-25 Mar$2600$3200$3700$4200$4500$5000Book Now
6-28 Apr$2600$3200$3700$4200$4500$5000Book Now
4-26 May$2600$3200$3700$4200$4500$5000Book Now
1-23 Jun$2600$3200$3700$4200$4500$5000Book Now
6-28 July$2600$3200$3700$4200$4500$5000Book Now
3-25 Aug$2600$3200$3700$4200$4500$5000Book Now
1-23 Sep$2600$3200$3700$4200$4500$5000Book Now
Discounts applicable on early bookings for trainings with accommodation

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