Tantra Time

Expect the unexpected. Last night two friends and I decided we would go to a contact dance session. We walked up the hill a little and then followed a non existent path into what felt like the wilderness. When we arrived the vibe was super chill. Sadly there wasnt enough people there in order to do contact dance.

So we had an option, we could go home or we can do some meditation. The concensus was to do some meditation.

What type of meditation I asked? Tantra he said.  🙂 I laughed..and thought to myself “Ive heard about Tantra!” After a brief description and demonstration of what would happen next we began.

Before i knew it and without much thought I realised I was hip thrusting a stranger!  I had no reservations or expectations. We all lay on the floor in between each others legs, connecting the pubic bone with the vertabra directly behind the heart. This type of meditation is done in pairs or a group and is known as ‘pumping’. Its purpose is to pump energy up through the root chakra and stimulate the flow of Kundalini energy in the Sushumna nadi.

The whole experience was new and suprisingly easy to give into. Of course I had my usual fit of the giggles but no one cared,we were all supporting each other.  Afterwards I felt completely energized. I would recommed this meditation to anyone who wants a new experience. In all honesty it breaks down your ego a little and makes you kind of ‘get over yourself’. If we dont try new things what are we here for!

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  1. foersterthomas

    Hey Angelica, greetings from Munich, Germany! I just wanted to comment that after our wonderful teacher training with you and Merel in Dharamkot it really feels good to read your blog posts. Also they are very interesting and alternately.
    So thumbs up and please keep on writing! 😉


    1. Hey Thomas,
      Great to hear from you!
      Thank you for your comment 🙂
      I hope you are well and taking it easy in Munich.
      Best wishes,

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