Ah the life of a yogi..

It may seem chill, full of herbal tea and enriched with chia seeds, but in actual fact we face real problems..

An average day on the mat..

-You wakeup early,  bundle on every layer of your ethnic hippy cloth only to reach the mat and have to de-robe yourself again.

-You get death stares for drinking water!

-You wait patiently for the dude at the front of the class to finish his dramatic 5 minute “Om” before you can begin.

-Then once in Downward facing Dog you almost choke yourself to death with your Mala beads. Not so shanti!

-Your hips are tight and you get informed that this is due to trapped emotions. “Mmm well can you please untrap them?”

-Your boobs get stuck in your face and blind you in shoulder stand!

-The teacher tells you to breath into your Quadriceps, excuse me how do I do that? Im having a hard time breathing into my lungs!

-You cant tell if its a human or a pack of wolves breathing behind you during pranayama.

-And finally in Savasana someone snores  and  and ruins your chi!Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 4.12.15 PM


*This is a light hearted take on a yoga class.  I think that Yoga gets taken super seriously some times. I think its healthy to find the fun in it and be able to laugh at ourselves. Im certainly guilty of some of these silly things!



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