How do we practise mindfullness while watching our movie?

How do we practise mindfullness while watching our movie?

Written by Hillary R. Hoff

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According to Yoga International the physical body is the holding of material and matter which makes us, us. Our life energy that governs our biological process, from breathing to digestion to the circulation of our blood. Our prana, also known as annamaya kosha, maya meaning “made of” and anna meaning “food” or “physical matter.” Thus, we are made up of what we consume and what we do with our bodies. If we literally slow down and take the time to observe what we are consuming and what we are doing.

Our third body, also known as our mental body or third sheath is responsible for our sensory and motor activities, our day-today awareness when we’re usually operating “on automatic.” This third layer of our bodies processes input from our five senses responds reflexively. Our awareness is focused on passively responding day-to-day, reacting from our environment rather than shaping it. We all do this or have done this at some point. Almost as if our entire body is on cruise control and we are a bunch of collective puppets being physically puppeted and controlled by our atmosphere, the people around us, and all of the energies aside from our very own (Yoga international).

Recognizing our different layers and really listening to what they are telling us. Why am I really eating this chocolate ball? Am I hungry, in need of comfort or craving sugar, bored or upset. What is my body telling me? As I eat the chocolate ball I can take a minute to give thanks and recognition that I am able to eat this and appreciate it. I can wonder who made this chocolate ball, what all the ingredients are exactly, where did all these ingredients come from? Formulating questions as I slowly take bite by bite. In mist of this self interview I can listen to my body directly. How does my body feel after every bite? Chocolate balls are easy, what about life altering decisions? I recently had a decision I made primarily based on listening to my body. Every time I went to book a flight home from my current travel location, I became very anxious and afraid I was making a wrong decision. Deep within myself, something was saying it wasn’t time and it wasn’t right to leave just yet. Although I miss certain aspects of my current home and have attachments to return to, my body was speaking louder than my mind. As it turns out once I came to terms with my decision to stay and not go back home just yet, other opportunities I would have never expected have come up and entirely new discoveries were made. Due to awareness of my empty space while trying to book a flight; forcing myself to disreguard what my mind (finanical fears, ego insecurities) was telling me, and to only listen to my body; my heart. I observed the feelings, accepted them and am now currently responding by doing nothing and surrendering my heart to this empty space that is speaking so loudly; this experience of surrendering has left me more mindful and tue to myself than ever before.

I will leave you with this quote to think about your own meditation, whether it be mindful, or focused; meditation while you are walking, eating, having conversations and booking flights.

“We are not compelled to meditate by some outside agent, by other people, or by God. Rather, just as we are responsible for our own suffering, so are we solely responsible for our own cure. We have created the situation in which we find ourselves, and it is up to us to create the circumstances for our release. Therefore, as suffering permeates our life, we have to do something in addition to our regular daily routine. This “something” is spiritual practice or, in other words, meditation. If we do not turn inwards and train our mind, but instead expend all our energy on arranging and rearranging the external aspects of our existence, then our suffering will continue. Our suffering has had no beginning, and if we do not adopt an effective spiritual practice, neither will it have an end.” (Yoga International)








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