Five New Movement Meditations Everyone Should Try!

Repetitive movements that we make all day long, that we usually think of as ‘boring’ actually can become a perfect opportunity to develop our meditation skills. It only needs us to recognize them and add some conscious intention to them. There are many different ways to do a meditation, which is great as not everyone is suited to all meditation techniques. Some of us do really well sitting completely still, but some may prefer meditation that occurs during repetitive movement.

So here is a bit of informations about moving meditation that works for me 🙂 Other ways to calm Silent Sitting Meditationthe mind as walking, repetitive art strokes, colouring mandalas or even rocking can be more conductive to reach peace of mind than simply forcing the body to stay still.

When i decided to learn how to work with my body instead of against it, and really listening what my body has to say, its needs, its messages… i realised that my body needs movements more than being still in the same pose for too long.

Meditation in movement is also fantastic for people who keep falling asleep during a silent meditation. Somehow, I know now there is people who have problems like Restless Leg Syndrome (RSL), who simply can’t trust their body to relax or sink into stillness. It can be very frustrating especially as cultivating a sense of mental calmness and focus is a core building block for many forms of pagan or animistic spirituality.

Thus, movement meditations can be helpful. They involve repetitive movement in order to keep the body occupied. The focus is not only on your breathing but also on your body movement, the dance of relaxation and contraction of your muscles, the stretch of your skin, the feelings in your organs, the sensations…

Here are my five suggestions for a movement mediation that I think everybody should try!

Dance as Meditation Movement Meditation

~ Walking ~
Some people walk in a wide circle. Paying attention to each step you make and how your feet are touching the ground, how you are breathing with each step. If you do this long enough, your body will  start to learn the dimensions of the circle, and will be able to keep walking on the path even as your mind starts to find stillness and calmness. The benefits of walking meditation is that you also get some gentle exercise that enervate the body and mind, and helps to shape a sense of wellbeing.

~ Grains ~
Get a container of grain . Put your hand in the grain, scoop some up, and let the grain fall through your fingers. Repeat. Connecting with the matter. As you are doing this, listen to the sound the grain makes, feel the texture on your skin, the temperature of the grain and the movement of the muscles surrounding your wrist. You can also visualize your stresses falling back into the container as the grain falls through your fingers. You can do the same with some sand or small pebbles.

~ Be Imaginative ~ 
We can do movement meditation while washing the dishes, rhythmically scrubbing the floor, or any cleaning tasks… 🙂 You can literally bring attention to any repetitive motions that you think of and use it to evoke a meditative, focused state of mind. Being completely focused on one task, one point.

~ Yoga & Dance ~ 
Your yoga practice and dancing are a movement meditation. In every move you perform, even a small adjustment of your foot or a finger, a micro-movement of the head, where you are looking… the way you breath during this or that movement. If you put all your attention, all your awareness to it, it becomes a meditation – life becomes one string of moments of meditation.

Closing your eyes leads you to be in you, focusing on what is happening inside you, here & now. Focus on the part of your body that is touching the floor, pressing, sliding on the floor. Observe your relationship with the floor, the air caressing your skin, your breathing changing.

~ Rocking ~ 
Rocking is a self-soothing that often starts to soothe the body and mind anyway. Simply try gently rocking back and forth, side to side, in a safe place. Taking a step further and consciously applying an intent to meditate can turn this into a spiritually productive activity.

Most people do find states of stillness while doing these sorts of repetitive tasks, we just rarely notice that happening consciously. Everything we do can be transformed into a meditation. Meditation is consciousness. Being fully present, body and mind in the now. Doing anything with all our presence, all our love.

Namaste ♡

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