Nobody is perfect.

‘Nobody is perfect’. This is one of these sayings that is used often and everybody agrees to generally shaking their head in vogorous approval when somebody blurts it out. But have you really reflected upon accepting yourself as you are and integrated it into your life?

Have you really applied this saying towards yourself? Have you accepted yourself in little ways and accepted your ‘flaws’ as they are and let go of things ‘that you are not good at’. And simultaneously, do you accept your partner, best friend, parent as he or she is and realise that they are not perfect, willingly ?

What is these elusive perfect anyway? Perfect usually to us is that, which is not upsetting us, it is someone that doesn’t disturb us too much, it is that what is to comforting us. We don’t like it if someone tells us the truth or sometimes even a harsh opinion about us. If some ones honest and non malicious opinion uspsets you . really is he or she the reason that you get upset? Or is it your own mind that makes you upset? Before getting angry at the other person first have a look, a deep look, at yourself before giving the other person a hard time.

Or maybe you are someone who accepts everything from other people, but who is very critical towards yourself. In that case see if you can use that skill of forgiving others flaws towards your own self. It is very beautiful if you can laugh about yourself and don’t take yourself so seriously. It makes life more light and actually makes you more capable of changing certain habits, emotions and situations that are difficult for you. the problem usually with not applying the saying ‘nobody is perfect’ towards yourself is that we are so attached to having a good reputation, to looking being appearing so perfect all the time. This compulsion to false ideals actually suffocates our true self and out natural yearning for freedom and growth. as sll growth naturally comes from learning which involves a lot of failing, a lot of false starts, healthy doses of embarassment and falling flat on our faces. All Fun Stuff. 😉

We want to be perfect at all times and for everybody. We are attached to that so much that we don’t allow ourselves to make a little mistakes or feel bad, or lose. But this creates so much pressure that we can get depressed when we are not that perfect version of ourselves or when someone is giving us maybe some much needed critical feedback.

Try putting  up a note saying ‘Nobody is perfect and that is ok’ up next to your bed, for a week or so maybe even print some funny pictures of yourself and paste them there as well. Then when you get up look at them and just laugh! Laugh at yourself looking funny and accept that. Then go off and enjoy your day, trying to make the best of it but resting peacefully in moments when ‘you are not being perfect’.

My opinion is that only when you are not trying to be perfcet, It’s actually possible that you are BEING perfect as you are.

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