Follow your nature – satya

This article consists of 6 parts:

Part 1: Discover the eight folded path – yamas

Part 2: The power of love – ahimsa

Part 3: Follow your nature– satya

Part 4: Stay true to your principles – asteya

Part 5: Live in alignment with your desire – bramacharya

Part 6: Where you are is exactly where you have to be – aparigraha

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Today you can read part 3: Follow your nature – satya


Satya is one of 5 yamas (self restraints) in the eight folded path of yoga. Satya means truthfulness. It’s a big word which tells you about truth on many levels. There’s a subtle truth, but there’s also the truth that we adapt to what suits us. What is truth? If you connect to your intuition , you can feel truth.

Personally I experience truth in the moment. When I communicate with others about ‘whatever is present’, my heart opens. This way of communication results in free feelings and liberation. It is pure clarity and space. I experience truth these days when I dance on the beach of Arambol, but also in the yoga classes and when I’m writing my articles. Whenever I feel awake and fully connected, negative or unpleasant thoughts are not present. I’m doing what I have to do. Right now. In this moment.

However…. moving from there can be easily missed by thought which is addicted to problems.

Be yourself, follow your nature!

Be yourself, follow your heart! This phrase we hear a lot. In yogic sense, the phrase “be yourself – follow your heart” has a deeper meaning. It means aligning not only with the unique attributes of your personality, but also aligning with your true nature—your deeper self.

Many traditions teach us that this deeper self is already within you. You don’t have to add anything. Just slowly become aware and remove that which blocks you from experiencing your true nature.

So let’s reflect, how we can ‘be ourselves’ in relation to this path of yoga J

Open up the space – embrace emotions

Yoga and meditation teach me how to allow space in my life- the space of pure presence. By constantly returning to this space I discover what truth is and what is not. It is a direct experience with my whole body, heart and mind.

Since I am a traveler on the yogic path, I gradually experience yoga as a feeding of my deepest yearning, it creates challenges to develop myself and it works as a support in my inner pursuits.

Therefore, for me satya is very much related with space –opening up myself for everything what is present in me now. In this moment, if aversion, attachment or ignorance are present it’s important to let them burst out!

When I started doing this. Opening myself up for everything that is present in me I was scared. Scared to see my fear and not being able to escape it. Gradually I started to understand emotions pass by like a cloud. Underneath less pleasant emotions are only love and wisdom. So everything I do and say is the result of Satya. 🙂

Follow your nature – stay true to yourself!

Follow you heart – stay true to yourself. What does that mean? For me this means some essential things. Let’s make a checklist to group them together 🙂

1.Where ever I am I want to create a space where I feel comfortable. It is very important for me to make an altar. When I create an altar I make my space sacred. Now, here in India I live in a tiny room with just a bed and a private bathroom. In the window of my room I created an altar with stones that are important to me.

  1. Wherever I am, is exactly where I have to be at that moment. This statement gives me a lot of peace. Although I may not like aspects of the place where I am, I have to be there and make it as comfortable for myself as possible. This statement actually helps me a lot in accepting non-pleasant situations.
  2. No one is exactly like me so why try to change someone? This statement gives me peace whenever I am in contact with a person whose energy doesn’t feel good, for some reason. This statement helps me to accept the person as he or she is without trying to change him/her.

4.Trust my instinct In the process of following my heart it’s essential to trust my instinct, my feelings. In my life I meet a lot of people who give me information and advice with their best intentions. In the end I don’t have to follow their advice. I take with me what I want to take with me and leave behind what I have to leave behind.

  1. Be curious The newspapers are full of information. Essential as it is to make up my own mind and to not instantly believe everything that is written down. I am now instead training myself to develop an attentive – curious mind. This helps me to stay open for what the world is offering me but not see everything as absolute truth.
  1. Trust and learn Whatever I decide to do is a good decision. Maybe it will not work out the way I planned but at least I tried it out! If it doesn’t work out it has been another experience in life and a chance to learn and grow.

8.Step out of my comfort zone Whenever I feel I want to try something new; I do it. I step out of my comfort zone, challenge myself; usually this gives me an enormous amount of energy

9.Whenever there’s doubt – explore where this doubt comes from Whenever I have a commitment with someone and I doubt if I can accomplish it, it’s important to stay true to myself and explore where this doubt comes from. Sometimes it’s fear, other times it’s aversion. In this process it’s important to communicate this to the person in question. J

  1. Love is everywhere!!! Give and receive 🙂 We are not alone in this world. On my way I experience challenges, luckily there is always help around the corner. Therefore it’s important to stay open for help and receive it. Love is everywhere. Always always always!!!!! Where ever I am, what ever I do. Spread joy, spread happiness.




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