Stay true to your principles – asteya

This article consists of 6 parts:

Part 1: Discover the eight folded path – yamas

Part 2: The power of love – ahimsa

Part 3: Follow your nature – satya

Part 4: Stay true to your principles – asteya

Part 5: Live in alignment with your desire – bramacharya

Part 6: Where you are is exactly where you have to be – aparigraha

Today you can read part 4

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This is one of 5 yamas (self restraints) in the eight folded path of yoga. Asteya is the yama translated as non-stealing. Most of us are not thieves in the typical sense, but upon closer look, you might find small ways that you steal from yourself if you don’t live authentically. In this sense asteya is more related with following your path and having the courage to be honest – with others, but ultimately with yourself.

Part of “ being yourself” is to know what aligns with who you truly are, and what doesn’t. This means to always stay true to principles you believe in, but also realizing when those principles no longer serve you.

Stay true to your principles

A year ago I started volunteering with “Friends of the earth – Netherlands’ which is an international NGO. “ Friends of the earth” cooperates with other environmental organizations and is planning ‘the biggest non violent demonstration ever’ on the 12th of december in Paris. Together with a friend I organized a biking tour to the climate top, which would start on the 4th of december. With a group of thirty people we will bike from Utrecht all the way to Paris. After seven days we would like to participate in the “human chain”. A chain of people who want to make a statement to political leaders for climate justice – focused on the long-term goal of phasing out fossil fuel in order to keep global warming under two degrees Celsius.

As a result of the tragic attacks in Paris the French government announced a state of emergency and asked environmental organisations to cancel planned climate mobilisations.

When I heard about the ban of climate mobilisations my first thought was: ‘this is a sign not to go back to Europe next week’. I must say I’ve really falling in love with India and Arambol specifically. The ingredients of the Arambol life are perfect for me.

This is what makes me happy



-life music,

-dance of many different styles

-healing arts.

Arambol has it all!!!!

I love it here. But yes. Goa is not going to walk away. Eventually I’ll come back and enjoy again this fantastic place!

Yesterday I shared in the blog: ‘ Follow your nature’ – a checklist of things which help me follow my heart, follow my nature. Now I want to list my principles; things which I stand for.

My principles:

  • I stand for a sustainable world of justice and peace.
  • I want to live life in dignity; enjoying freedom of expression.
  • I want to live with respect for the environment; keeping it beautiful for future generations
  • I want to live in harmony with anybody: family, friends, neighbours, stranger, refugees etc

To fulfil these principles

In this context, I like to act against

  • Violence, militarisation and Islamophobia
  • And last but not least. I avoid succumbing to fear

Speak up – power to the people!

Ok. France banned the actions in Paris but my voice and the voice of the other bikers will not be shut down. I am going back to Europe this weekend and will start the biking tour to France next week.

At the moment me and my colleagues of Friends of the earth are exploring creative ways to modify climate justice mobilisations in order to comply with the new security measures because hey! The final word must be from the people, not politicians nor polluters. 🙂

Creativity is courage. The world needs more fearless people that can influence all disciplines to challenge their very existence. Creativity is reflection aimed not at yourself, but at the world around you. – John Maeda

 What are your principles? Feel free to share them 🙂

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