Yoga and Meditation to Release Your Creativity #1

This series on Creativity consists of two articles: 
#1 Creativity is our true essence
#2 Meditation to liberate your creativity

Creativity is Your True Essence 

~ Be Creative, Be a Rebellion ~
My whole life, I have been known as a ‘creative’ person. Some people tell me: ‘I am not creative’. Really, I do not belief this is true. I deeply feel that everybody has creativity inside of them. Maybe it is hidden deep down, maybe it was never allowed to come out. Maybe we feel fears for judgment, for ‘failure’, for your creativity not to be good enough. But… you know what? That is exactly the beauty of creativity. It is good as it is and has no standards. If there would be any standard, I would say let there be no boundaries to your creativity, let it come out!

Now that is easy said, being a ‘creative person’. So in this series I would like to talk about creativity and how yoga and meditation can help to dissolve some blockages. Also I would like to encourage practitioners to find some creativity and freedom  in their own practice and Osho serves as an inspiration here:  Azuka Muse

“There are as many yogas as there are persons to travel on the path. Everyone creates and must creates his own yoga”, and: 

“Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence ” he said.

Another beautiful quote that beautifully expresses that creativity is our truest essence:

“The urge to create is inherent in all of us and is an essential component of the human spirit ” ,Linda Navick.

~ Fear Blocks our Creativity ~
Yoga is to relate with these deepest layers of who you are. The more we unfold body and mind, the more creative we become. Yoga makes us face our fears, our blockages, challenges us, creates some space so that we can connect with who we truly are, just like art. Every person is creative. Creativity is there, available to us and if we choose to explore it chances are that our daily life and our yoga practice will feel richer, juicy and more expansive.

We all see how yoga transform the way we feel in our body, mind and spirit, and so different ways to express ourselves shows up, letting go of fear and self-doubt in order to find more personal freedom. Expressing ourselves creatively makes us happier and more open.

  • Tips to explore your creativity :
    • Investigate your self-limiting beliefs about what we are ‘good’ at and ‘not good’ at
    • Let go of the need for perfection
    • Follow your own intuition (to me this is the most important facet of life!)
    • Break barriers: do something you never did before!
    • LET GO
    • Repeat to yourself the idea that you are innately creative (even if you don’t always feel it)
    • Surprise y ourself!
    • Be adventurous  (so you can discover your best self!)
    • Keep in mind that it is a process  (and everything works in cycles!)
    • Connect with your child side (observe kids, in yoga class or in daily life and copy them: roll through the sand, jump up and down, sign out loud and see what happens! )
    • Creativity requires enjoyment  (half-hearted involvement is incompatible with creativity )
    • Be curious (on the mat and in the world!Azuka MuseTomorrow I will share with you an asana sequence and meditation to remove blockages and invite creativity in your life!

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