Terms and Conditions

General Rules and Guidelines for all Teacher Trainings


  1. Any recreational drugs are illegal in India, strictly stay away from them
  2. Alcohol and smoking are not allowed inside of the accommodation. We advise you not to take them during the training but this is your own choice
  3. We don’t take any responsibility for your belongings. Pleases take care of them by yourself by keeping them close to you or in a locker
  4. Hand in your medical form after the Welcome Ceremony. We can only take care of you properly if we know your medical conditions in detail
  5. Be respectful to every teacher (that also means your fellow students that will be teaching in the course!), in case you have any problem you can meet us separately and we will provide you a solution
  6. Intimate relationships with a teacher or assistant is not allowed during the course as it distracts from studying purposes
  7. We suggest you not to practice any other type of yoga or intense sports; the course itself provides sufficient body work and is physically demanding
  8. Try to keep your mind light and happy but not engaging yourself in any unnecessary argument, discussion and negative energy
  9. As a karma yoga job we ask you to keep the hall clean, you can come up with a schedule for cleaning the hall yourselfs
  10. We will give you enough time for your self- study and rest, use this time carefully. Please approach us if you feel exhausted and need extra resting time – we will find an individual solution
  11. Drink plenty of water every day because it is significantly needed for yoga practice


  1. 100 % attendance for each and every class is compulsory if you want to obtain a certificate. In case of emergency or feeling, please inform the concerned teacher
  2. We suggest that you sit and observe the class if you can’t practice
  3. Please be punctual and be present 5 minutes before the start of the class. If you are late we do not allow you in for that class
  4. Do not bring any food or drinks (water bottle is allowed) within the yoga hall. Food and sugared drinks especially attract ants and other animals
  5. Purses and handbags can be brought in the yoga hall but have to be put to the side
  6. Take a shower daily to maintain a fresh environment in the classes
  7. During the theory classes, eating food, chewing gum and using internet or Facebook or any other activities are strictly prohibited. If the teacher notices it, he may ask you to leave the class immediately
  8. Don’t eat food at least one hour before your asana practice
  9. Please leave any props such as belts, cushions, blankets and blocks in the hall
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