Where you are is exactly where you have to be – aparigraha

This article consists of 6 parts:

Part 1: Discover the eight folded path – yamas

Part 2: The power of love – ahimsa

Part 3: Follow your nature – satya

Part 4: Stay true to your principles  – asteya

Part 5: Live in alignment with your desire – bramacharya

Part 6: Where you are is exactly where you have to be – aparigraha

Today you can read part 6: where you are is exactly where you have to be – aparigraha

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Aparigraha means ‘non possessiveness’ or ‘detachment’. I think nowadays this yama is very important as we live in a time where the idea of ‘having more, more & more seems to be overwhelming.

Instead of spending our time on earning money to buy more I thinks it’s time to consume less and spend our time on things that really matter. For me my family, friends and developing my creativity and yoga knowledge is very important. The wisdom is in simply ‘being present’.

Aparigraha also means detachment. We can be very attached to money, relationships, status, even our nationality. If we don’t cling to things new life force can flow. Clinging causes energy blockages in Prana (life force). So there’s only one way out. Let it go! Everything flows, in abundance.

Hommage to Arambol

At the end of this week I’m going to leave vibrating Arambol. As you could read in my other blogs, I loved to be here. In a bit less than 2 months I got to know so many people with whom I have shared my time. Actually I made a lot of new friends.

My daily routine in Arambol was very balanced. In the morning I was doing asana practice. About 4 days a week I did my own routine and the other days I participated in yoga classes of a very skilled asana teacher. Taking classes with this teacher gave me the possibility to learn new things.

I have taught yoga continiously for the last 3,5 years. Taking a break of two months from teaching was actually very nice. It gave me the possibility to study other parts of the eight folded path of yoga. I studied anatomy, physiology and philosophy and wrote about the things I discovered in the blogs which were published six times a week on Parimukti’s website.

Saying this…actually I did not take a full break because I actually designed and taught a two hour children yoga workshop on the teacher training which was very nice to do.

Ah…and yes! At night I was developing my djembee skills on the beach.

To conclude. Arambol was the perfect place for me to be – in this moment -.

If you haven’t been here yet I can highly recommend you this place. This place gave me a big boost in stimulating my energy flow.

Where you are is exactly where you have to be

In a way I don’t want to leave Arambol. I love the climate, the beach, the people and to learn and experience new things on every corner. But yes! Happily enough Arambol is not going to walk away and happily enough I take myself with me to the Netherlands. Wherever I am I can create a place to learn, discover and live an adventurous life!

In the Netherlands I come back to a very cool and interesting project. I am organizing a biking tour to the Climate Conference in Paris. I feel I need to be there and try to arrive in Paris by bike. In these uncertain times it’s important to unite with like minded people and make a difference.

Home is where you are

I love adventure. I love to travel. However. Being content and happy in the place where I am is very important. Yin yoga is very helpful for me to create a space within the body and make it feel like ‘home’ .

Here’s a yin yoga exercise which you can perform at home 🙂 Source:www.yinyoga.comScreen Shot 2015-11-25 at 14.53.10

Childspose – source:


  • A healing, restful pose – useful any time a break is needed
  • Gently stretches the spine and is always a nice counterpose for backbends
  • Gentle compression of the stomach and chest benefits the organs of digestion
  • Psychologically soothing when feeling cold, anxious, or vulnerable
  • Can relieve back and neck pain when the head is supported
  • If the knees are fairly close together, rocking gently side to side can help stimulate the flow of blood and lymph fluids in the upper chest and breast tissues.


  • If you have diarrhea or are pregnant
  • Can be uncomfortable just after eating
  • If knee issues exist, you may need to place a towel or blanket between thighs and calves or avoid the pose altogether.
  • You may need a blanket or other padding under the ankles to reduce discomfort on the top of the feet.

Getting Into the Pose:

  • Begin by sitting on your heels and then slowly fold forward, bringing your chest to your thighs and your forehead to the earth.

Alternatives & Options:

  • Can be done with arms stretched forward, which may avoid placing too much pressure on the neck (this reduces the shoulder relaxation).
  • If you cannot get your buttocks to your heels, the head will have a lot of weight on it. Support the neck by placing the forehead on hands or on a bolster.
  • Allow the knees to be as close together as is comfortable, but they do not have to touch. If there is any uncomfortable pinching in the lower belly and tops of the front hips, separate the knees wider.
  • You can do this as a preparation for the Frog by spreading the knees farther apart halfway through the pose, while continuing to sit on the heels.
  • Many students love to place a bolster under their chest.

Coming Out of the Pose:

  • Use your hands to push the floor away and slowly roll up.

Counter poses:

  • A counterpose is not normally needed after this pose.

Meridians & Organs Affected:

  • The Spleen and Stomach meridians are compressed while the Kidneys and Urinary Bladder meridians are stretched.

Joints Affected:

  • The spine and ankle.

Recommended Hold Times:

  • As long as you want
  • If used as a counterpose, hold for up to one minute.
  • If used as a yin pose on its own, hold for three to five minutes. If you cannot get your head to the floor, five minutes may be too long.



Four chapters on freedom, Swami Satyananada saraswati, Yoga publications Trust, Munger, Bihar India

Picture 1: www.pinterest.com

Picture 2: www.boukjekassenaar.nl

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