Live in alignment with your desire – bramacharya

This article consists of 6 parts:

Part 1: Discover the eight folded path – yamas

Part 2: The power of love – ahimsa

Part 3: Follow your nature – satya

Part 4: Stay true to your principles – asteya

Part 5: Live in alignment with your desire – bramacharya

Part 6: Where you are is exactly where you have to be – aparigraha

Today you can read part 5: live in alignment with your desire – brahmacharya

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Brahmacharya is often translated as sexual abstinence.

However. Brahma means ‘supreme being’ and charya means ‘living’. In a more general way I’d like to understand brahmacharya as the desire for acts that are healthy and fertile. It does not mean to suppress your desires but to see clearly and do what is in alignment with your desire for greater connection with the Divine, your inner source.

To walk the true path of yoga, we must preserve the life energy that is necessary for our health and self-realization. We must avoid activities that waste our energy.

Live in alignment with your desire

Two days ago I went out for dinner late at night and ate a lot. The day after, it was more difficult to get up early and do my yoga practice. I actually stayed in bed and enjoyed some more hours of sleep. Yesterday I had a small dinner and went to bed early; this was a great support for my yoga practice today on the beach.

In his book Four chapters of freedom, Swami Satyananda Saraswati writes: brahmacharya is an important way of overcoming the klesha called abnivesha, which means fear of death. It is said in the Upanishad that by practicing brahmacharya the gods completely killed the fear of death. Bhisma, for example, was without fear of death, because he had practiced bramacharya. He was a great warrior, he had controlled death. He did not die on the battlefield, but he died according to his will. This was because he had not lost even a single drop of blood outside his body during his whole lifetime.

This description clarifies for me what bharmachaya means. For me it means ‘living in alignment with my desire’. Living in alignment with my energy. This creates conditions for clarity and lightness.

What are important ingredients for you to live in alignment with your energy?

Let me know. Share it here on the website of Parimukti.;-)

// Acknowledgement:

Four chapters on freedom, Swami Satyananada saraswati, Yoga publications Trust, Munger, Bihar India




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