Why did Yoga became so popular?

Why did Yoga became so popular?

Written by Caroline Hecker

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First of all Yoga calms your mind, it makes you more relaxed in a world, that becomes more and more restless. Furthermore it supports your concentration and living more mindfully.

While the world seems to loose its focus and peacefulness in the process of globalization and digitalisation, a lot of people crave for mindfulnes not to get lost in this world of restlessness and (most of all in the western countries:) oversupply. People try to get more focused. They want to be able to listen to their inner voice. That is why they search for the calmness and balance of Yoga. In todays world we are drowning in information and outer sensations. There is in general more input than output. People hardly look inside or reflect themselves in a silent surrounding- No, they always judge themselves and their body, mind and soul and search for answers and help in other people and books. They feel like there is “something wrong” with them and they need help from outside to “fix” their “weaknesses”- they search for anything they can literally “ put in” themselves to shut up their inner voice which tells them they are out of balance. They don’t want to rest, they want to know how they can work MORE and live FASTER.. without getting ill or loosing their mental stability! There must be a wonderelixir that can make me work like a machine without feeling instable! No, there is not. And that is where the seed is based . Stop searching for what is outside. Allow yourself to stop and be still. Just for a second stop your desperate search of “how to be more effective”, ”how to be more productive”, stop looking outside, when inside is what you should look at. More is more? No most of the time too much is less. The answer to all these problems, to mental instability, burnouts, health problems, dissatisfaction in daily life, the answer to all these things lies within yourself. Only your own body can tell you what you need. And that is what Yoga teaches. It teaches you to stop. To discover your own voice, your own body, to get connected with it. We have all the answers to our own needs in ourselves. No one can help us more effectively, but our inner voice. No one knows better what is in inbalance than our own self. Sit with yourself- have a dialogue with your physical body and with your higher conscious. You will find answers on how to get the balance back in your life. With practicing meditation and Yoga you get there. It is like a massage from the inside- it releases stress and brings all your different parts that sum you up in one harmony. You think you already understand your body? Practice Yoga and you will discover a whole new world of what it means to really feel your body, mind and soul and to unite them.

Besides all these psyche factors, Yoga also keeps you fit and healthy. As nowadays most of the products we consume are produced in massfactories, food and clothes are polluted with chemicals. This causes a longing of people for a way to make their bodies feel healthy again. They want to gain back some control over their health, as they lost already control of what is inside their food and all the additives in cremes and toxics in clothes which our body has to endure on a daily basis. Not only healthy from the inside- there is also a change in the outward appearance that Yoga achieves: It makes you simply beautiful. Your skin gets finer and your eyes brighter- as it cleans your body from all the toxicants. It even makes you clever- as you practice concentration and focussing, which has the consequence that learning will be an easier process for you.

All in all there are several reasons why Yoga became so popular, it has always been a blessing for body and mind, since (at least..) 5000 years – but due to globalization more people have access to the knowledge of Yoga, which is a great gift. People search for a way to get back to themselves, and this ancient Indian teaching helps every soul to reach this deep feeling of profound contentment.
















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