day 2: meditation class is silent and boring. not!

good evening, guys!

i just returned from my training, gonna do my homework and fall asleep! it was an exhausting day.
after hatha yoga in the morning, we had a class called art of teaching where we got the basic structure of a vinyasa class. after lunch we had anotomy and actually i think the teacher is going a bit too deep into vocabulary. we did only the hip joint today, but learned all the names of all tissue somewhere over there. anyways later was therapeutic class where we were shown how to analyze people’s pain and how we could help eg straps or stretch poses.
meditation really was my best of today: imagine a movement you’ve never done and a language you never spoke – and do it! for 30 minutes, non stop, in a group of 30 people you only know one day. it was amazing, everybody was somehow shaking and talking blabla or chinese-ish while running around in the shala! ūüėÄ the very best was the 2nd part of the class: we would all randomly choose a person, take each others hand, look deep into their eyes and eventually hug intensly. then go to the next person. it was so beautiful to hug everyone and even after class you could see people hug each other because they had no chance to do so before.

i’m going to bed very happy tonight!
lots of hugs,


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