Mind over Mattress

I am an absolutely impatient yogi and probably impatient everything else too. 😉

This past few weeks I have decided to challenge myself to perfect my form on just one Asana and I can’t wait for my body to get there yet.

Chaturanga Dandasana

Chaturanga Dandasana 

Since I have made up my mind to overcome this, suddenly a lot of small challenges have begun to crop up. It’s proving to provide me with many little hurdles which are much more annoying than I initially imagined.

  • Somedays I just don’t want to wakeup early some days as I’m not sleeping well. Also sleeping in with warm blanket while it’s still dark out, is really really really tempting. Everyday I fear that today might be the day my laziness wins over my resolve.
  • sleepinginI keep believing that I’m doing enough practice on my own but in reality I probably can push myself more.
  • I don’t want to be a modern yogi who expects results fast. The problem is I have become so good at being slow and laid back! So laid back that I’m laying in savasana.
  • I need to fire up my motivation and strengthen my personal practice and keep the promise I made myself.

I would love to hear how you guys overcame the challenges of motivation and accomplished your goals. I would love to hear some of your stories or words of wisdom or even tales of how you failed miserably so I feel like I have some company. 🙂


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  1. Violettaaaaa!!!!
    Awhh thank you so much, what you wrote resonated with me so much.

    I completly understand the advice you give, makes perfect sense.

    Can’t wait to see you again at some point. Hope you are well and having fun in the sun x
    Lots of love
    Angelica xxxx

  2. astridvanzon

    Always good to set a goal, provides us a feeling of being in control, having a grip on live although I feel it is mostly not working that way, our path is already laid out, and it is likely it is more about the journey, that is learning you something.

    There is no failure, everything is like it is. Failure is a produce of the mind, you are not your mind, neither are you your re-actions to your mind. Failure encourages fair, which is the re-action (emotion) of your thoughts. Choose not to believe your thoughts, you as good as you are, with our without you mastering your chaturanga dandasana 🙂

    Love & light

    1. Thank you Astrid ,
      Really great advice.
      I know its about the journey and not about the goal, I seem to so easily forget this most important point when I need I remember it the most.

  3. So my dearest,

    since I left India and our 200hrs corse in our lovely Dharamkot, I seem to be struggling being a devoted yogi who travels around greece. My love for yoga is pure as I see yoga everywhere…..

    but that turned out to be a trap of mine…..

    ok, keeping calm with a badtempered guy in work is definately a “yogi goal” buuut…getting along with our personal practice should mean some sweating as well, no?

    and when we do! oh this detoxing sweat is like so refreshing!

    If you ask me… take your time in bed, streching like a cat or tossing under your warm blanket… but once you do that (and enjoy it..!) then go on to the next step..

    energize yourself through this cozy relaxness… through your day(s) off… and prepare yourself to sweat!!!

    from my experience taking sometime off and then jumping back into my mat…my mat feels like the warmest, the cosiest and most exciting place in the world!

    What do we always say after all? to be aware….
    of yourself and your needs…

    I send you my love and my laid back advice…it’s still summer after all here in greece.

    we HAVE to be chill 😛

    p.s.all I m trying to say is that when something you know you love looses some of its shining interest, maybe all you need is a day off… and hey, be carefull… no remorses or feeling sorry! (yoga has nothing to do with christianity-thank god! hehe)

    cheers, V.

  4. I set an alarm, I DO NOT press snooze, I stretch and move beneath my duvet and I find myself in child’s pose. Then I can slowly sit up and find my clothes (that I laid out the night before) and my way to my mat. Sometimes I may sit for a few minutes and meditate, sometimes I chang

  5. *chant then do a lot of cat cows!! Sometimes I go straight into surya namaskara.. Basically listen to your body but encourage yourself and name it easy to find your way to your mat every day.. Maybe only for ten minutes but those ten will be the best you spend all day!! 🙂 much love xx

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