What Is Your Big Why?

Written by Sophie Nusselder

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What Is Your Big Why?

The “Big Why” may be a life purpose, a goal or vision that one is passionate about, or simply an important need. Without a “Big Why” we eventually lose motivation to do the work necessary to accomplish great things. Your journey toward extraordinary results will be built on one important element. You must believe in what you are trying to achieve. Find the purpose in what you are doing. (For more on this you can watch a TED Talk of Simon Sinek here: https://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action?language=en

What difference are you making and why? This will give you the personal power necessary to drive you through any hesitancy. Now, what is your one thing for the coming year, month, week, day, hour?

Gary Keller, the Co-founder of Keller Williams Realty, illustrates the power of the “Big Why” when he talks about the “day-before-vacation miracle.” He says it is amazing to watch people work the day before a vacation.  No matter how they approached the previous days, on the day before vacation they become a model on how to get things done.  The reason is that they are about to reward themselves with some significant play!

The day before vacation we often become models of time-management. We don’t sit around idly surfing the Internet or chitchatting with fellow workers. We screen our calls, ignore trivial emails, and toss out junk mail with abandon. Maybe we even eat lunch at our desk or on the run, and by the end of the day we’ve accomplished more than we ever thought was possible in a single day. And then we still have time to pack, drop the dog off at the kennel, and get someone to take care of our mail. It’s simply incredible how much we get accomplished in such a short period of time.

The reason we can do this is because we have a “Big Why.” Let me encourage you to search your heart.  Take some time to reflect and discover YOUR “Big Why.” Ask yourself questions like:

1.Why did I go into business to begin with?

2.Why do I want to stay in business (for myself)?

3.Why do I want to grow the business?

4.Why do I want to grow my income with this kind of business?

I was asking myself these types of questions the last month. Although I’m still in the process of sharpening my ‘big why’ gradually things are getting more clear! What helped me enormously is writing down in what kind of things I believe.

Here it is: “I believe that we often take decisions out of fear and a sense of ‘not having enough’ in this world. This has effects, on the wellbeing of each individual, society and the earth. Economic growth is still considered in the West as the key factor to success. Here I would like to put my question mark. I think many more things are involved. Succes is for me deeper. I believe real development & growth starts within: it’s an inside job.”

I work as a yoga teacher and develop and coordinate projects focused on sustainability, art and/or a holistic lifestyle. I love it because the work is diverse (teaching, writing, organising) and it gives me the opportunity to work with people with different backgrounds in the Netherlands and abroad. Each contact with an individual or group, each project I organise, begins with the desire to give people the opportunity to make real contact with themselves and each other. When one initially feels the universal connection between all of us, one experiences love. This feeling does not has to be bound to one specific person, but ideally it can be triggered by any activity, environment or individual at any time. We need a safe, stimulating, open environment to allow a feeling of love inside of ourselves. I believe that from there, individuals, groups and projects can develop, grow and blossom.

In my yogaclasses I want to create a space in which people feel safe. I want to invite them to experience “what is” in the physical, mental, emotional and energetic body and give them tools to move with awareness, to build strength, to see patterns and let go. I want to accompany them to relax into who they really are, in order that unnecessary resistance and stress transforms and creates space.

This is mine…so far. Now you! Where do you believe in? What it your Big Why?

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