Moving From Passion To Compassion

Written by Yoana Moya


Moving From Passion To Compassion

Allow your senses and your mind to move down to your heart. When your actions are driven by compassion and kindness, miracles come in a never ending stream. It is easy to say, and you probably like the idea too. However, this simple statement requires patience, commitment, and self-scrutiny.

Following the Buddhist teachings, our minds itself, or rather the emotions that arise there, cause our suffering. One step comes prior to the beginning of the new direction of our life. This step is named Confession, understood principally in the sense of open acknowledgement-primarily to one self- of past behavior. Accepting that we have done things driven by other intentions, and not only love and compassion.

From a western psychology perspective, two key concepts are motivation and attribution.

To be motivated means to be moved by something. There are two types of motivation:

  • Intrinsic motivation is defined as the doing of an activity for its inherent satisfactions rather than for some separable consequence. For instead: I paint because it makes me feel good and I can express myself.
  • Extrinsic motivation is a construct that pertains whenever an activity is done in order to attain some separable outcome. This is especially the case after early childhood, as the freedom to be intrinsically motivated becomes increasingly curtailed by social demands and roles that require individuals to assume responsibility for no intrinsically interesting tasks. For instance: I paint because I can win a contest and make money.

Attribution theory explains the different causes that people find to events in their life.

  • Internal: The attribution will be internal if the event or individual behavior is believed to be caused by personal factors such as abilities or feelings. For instance: if I fail an exam because I haven’t studied enough.
  • External: In a external, or situational, attributions people infer that an event or individual behavior is due to uncontrollable factors. For instance: I fail an exam because the teacher doesn’t like me.

By taking responsibilities of the events happening in our life, we allow the possibility of change. On the other hand, if we attribute the causes to external factors, we are not responsible of the change. We should also consider the intrinsic motivational factors to drive our life if we want to allow our mind to move down to our heart. This is, in my opinion, the key to real happiness. We can observe the increasing levels of stress and anxiety in our societies nowadays that we are willing to obtain material things. Therefore, let’s try to find our intrinsic motivation, to listen to our hearts and to do what we love.

Begin today to take responsibilities, be mindful on every little step you take, on your everyday actions. Any time you are developing a thought or an action, think twice. Don’t be moved by short term impulses in order to obtain short term happiness, and you will find the real eternal path of happiness. It doesn’t mind if you are a Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, a Hippie, a Dreamer…It’s all about the same. We are alone in this world with everyone else. Alone. All One.

Just be yourself, be love. Allow the miracle within you to shine.

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