Cross the bridge only when you are at the bridge

You know these people that always worry about anything that can go wrong? Bringing up all disasters that could happen or mistakes that are bound to happen? Maybe your partner, possibly your mother, your boss, or colleague? Or.. maybe yourself? Now, while it is not bad to consider all options that could happen and to be prepared, it is not healthy to dwell in them and to let those worries take over and destroy healthy motivation and creativity.


I like the analogy of the crossing the bridge: only cross the bridge when you are at the bridge. Instead of worrying one hour before you have reached the bridge how to cross it, or whether there is a bridge or whether the bridge is strong enough etc., just enjoy your walk towards it and analyse the situation once you have arrived.

Why worry if you are not at the right moment and place, why not simply and calmly observe the situation as it unfolds ? You will miss out on all the beautiful moments that and things to see on the path if you keep worrying about the destination.

You for sure are not able to observe the birds and special trees. You won’t hear the wind blowing and you don’t feel the sun shining. Instead you whole attention is with the bridge. ANd you know what, maybe there won’t be any bridge! Maybe there won’t be any river (problem) to be faced.

Maybe your path is smooth and easy. And instead of enjoying that beautiful walk you have created so many phantoms! Such a shameā€¦ So enjoy the walk and cross the bridge while you are at the bridge, in other words, face the problem once you are there and don’t go into worries and fears about the future. Open your senses and be open to the birds and the trees šŸ™‚


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