Boost your self esteem with this simple exercise ?

Body and mind are heavily inter-related.  Emotions are expressed as feelings or pain in the physical body. While the health and vitality of the physical body is similarly mirrored by emotions.  An easy example is that when you are feeling sad your shoulders start drooping naturally, this is a simple example of your emotions being reflected in the body. This is also why the more uneasy you feel physically, the more irritable you become emotionally, so your physical health is directly being expressed by your emotions

You can consider this as a problem or as a blessing. If you consider this interrelationship as a blessing, it gives you many opportunities to understand yourself and the physical / mental state that you are in. And even more important it gives you many options to heal yourself, going through the physical pathway or the mental pathway – or a combination of the two even.

Often when we try to deny our emotions and deep mental pain, our bodies don’t lie and the pain manifests itself as a physical disease. This urges pushes us to heal ourselves and start working on a deeper level. This is where body work and meditation comes in. People might be confused and think that yoga asanas (postures) are only good to get physically fit and healthy, but they work on a much deeper level.

Here’s a simple exercise to improve your posture and improve your  mood significantly.

1) Stand with you feet shoulder length apart

2) Interlock your fingers and raise your hands above your head and stretch the skywards as much as possible.

3) This should open up your chest, align your shoulders and spine naturally

4) Take a 10-15 deep breaths filling your lungs up completely, holding a moment and exhaling completely.

5) Now bring your arms down or unlock the fingers and stay in the posture as long as comfortable.

This is a natural and instinctive form of stretching we resort to when tired or fatigued. It also works wonders when in need of a quick boost of energy. Try it. You can also do this from a sitting position or from a chair.

It should look something like this except with the fingers interwined and facing forwards not skyward.
It should look something like this except with the fingers intertwined and facing forwards not skyward.

Relaxing certain muscles, ligaments and tendons free up certain long-held emotions and blockages. Open the shoulders and the chest deeply works naturally on developing self-esteem and self love. And going into difficult poses and inversions ‘attacks’ our fears and insecurities. Vice versa, through meditation we can mentally work with physical pain. Sitting with the pain, understanding the nature and cause of mental and physical pain often make them dissolve in a certain degree, if not at all.

So on a daily basis do this exercise, roll back your shoulders and relax for more self-esteem. Before running off into the day, or into a difficult meeting or a job interview. If you feel like doing a little more, add curling up the corners of the mouth and smiling ferociously and yes you just might end up starting feeling a whole lot better !!!!

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