Life as a Student at Parimukti by Charley Smeets #1

This is a series written by Charley Smeets about her experiences as a student at Parimukti. 
Today part 1

Four weeks it has been. Four weeks that flew by. Four weeks of your life living in a small bubble. But such a good bubble it was. After a week of exams and a lot of studying we finished our training on the 6th of November. The last week was quite tough and we definitely had to pull through. But when we first finished our meditation exam on Wednesday, we were already for one third relieved. To notice that you are actually capable of leading a meditation was so cool! So we were not that worried about our practical exam, a one and a half hour asana class. But the most worry we had was for our theoretical exam which existed of 20 questions about anatomy, art of teaching and philosophy. I didn’t even have time to finish all of the questions! But nonetheless we all completed the exam and thus the whole course. Who would have thought? Its amazing to learn and experience that you are capable of teaching a whole yoga class.

I would like to tell you about each subject a bit so you get a really good overview of the entire training.

So each morning we started our day with a 2 hour asana class. These were given by Anna-Carin, Merel and Katja. They all gave class in their own way. Sometimes I was struggling and my body was very tired. But after each morning class I felt better and my body felt awake. Its nice to see your body changes after a while and to notice that you get stronger. In the morning we mostly did a hatha flow class, which was sometimes quite challenging. Especially Anna’s classes where she focused a lot on core strengthening and arm balancing. I never thought I would be able to do crow pose. And the nice thing is that I’m sure everyone can as long as you put enough effort in it and practice daily.

They say that a lot of emotions are stored in our body, in joints and muscles. And I could really feel it’s true. In one of Katja’s hip opening classes I felt angry and frustrated in a particular pose. I really noticed how my body reacted. I wanted to come out of the pose but I stayed to try to make that part of my body stronger. Because you practice every day so intensely and with different teachers you learn a lot in a short time. You can take what you like and dislike and eventually make your own style. I think that’s what I want to keep doing now the training is over. To keep practicing different classes and with different teachers so you can develop your practice and teaching.

Me with fellow student and teacher

Thats me in the middle with Katja on the left and Roos, one of the other students on the right

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