Testimonial from Jeanie

I’ve recently completed my online Anatomy and Physiology course with Merel at Parimukti. In the path that I am taking with my career as a therapeutic teacher, I felt it necessary to take that extra course for more confidence and knowledge. Understanding, for example; the muscles, the nervous system and all the other bodily functions, for me, was crucial.


I chose to go with Parimukti Yoga, because during my studies to become a Yoga Teacher, I met Merel. She was my Anatomy/Physiology and Yin Yoga teacher and I connected with her straight away. Her vast knowledge of the body systems and Yoga and then how it interacts together is impressive and made doing this course with her invaluable for me.

Merel teaches an extremely complex subject in a really easy to understand yet thorough way.

I highly recommend this course to everyone. Yoga Teachers, Fitness Instructors, Massage Therapists, or anyone who would just like to know more about the systems of our bodies.

I feel so much more confident to guide students through their practices šŸ™‚

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