Practice and all will come

A bumblebee was bumping against my window for a good twenty minutes to try to find its way out. It would vehemently flap its wings, producing actually a lot of noise, and then fall back down to the bottom of the window and try again. Again and again and again. Really determined not giving up. As i watched this happen first I was overwhelmed by a feeling of admiration. Like really, wow it would not give up! How often don’t I give up before even showcasing a fraction of the willpower like the bumblebee just did. Then however as the scene continued and we were passing a good twenty minutes I felt like: why didn’t the bumblebee just ‘fly a step back’ move a meter to the right and fly out through the door which was wide-open all along into the sky? Now, a bumblebee does not have the mental capacity to take a calculated, intellectual step back. If is driven by instinct and if it would find the way out, it would be merely out of this instinct driving it, rather than it being a calculated decision.

Pattabhi JoisWe as human beings are blessed on the other hand with a more developed brain: the cerebral cortex located higher up in the brain that can help us to take this step back, look at the situation, look at what we are doing and take a step to the right or to the left. Or maybe.. just fly up against the window again 🙂

Now.. I don’t know about you guys but I’ve bumped into countless windows for long time. Although I saw were I wanted to go I didn’t know the way to get there, didn’t know the way out of my conditioned patterns. Slowly, slowly though through a regular and dedicated practice I feel like i am less and less bumping up the same window. So, yes like the famous Indian Ashtanga yoga teacher Pattabhi Jois said – and i am not the first and surely not the last to quote him: ‘Practice and all is coming’.

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