Healing Vibrating Thoughts

Yesterday, i attended a workshop by Naida Luna, from Bioluminescent. She ‘played’ her Crystal Singing Bowls for us, which was truly amazing. We talked about the healing effect of sounds and was reminded again of the experiments by Masuru Emoto.

I am sure many oMasuru Emoto - Truthf you are familiar with the experiments performed by Masuru Emoto and the effect of sound on the shape of water crystals. If not have a look here. Basically, it all boils down to that water crystals are affected by the vibrations of sound. Emoto exposed water crystals to different types of music and found out that heavy metal would create a highy disturbed and chaotic looking water crystal, whereas classical (both Western and Indian) classisical music produced very beautifully and orderly looking water crystals. He extended this and exposed sprouts (same quality, same earth, same temperature etc.) to the music. What happened: the one exposed to heavy metal would perish, whereas the one exposed to classical music would flower and grow. This happens, since plants contains of a great amount of water. Now he did the same experiment and but replaced the music for thoughts. And, indeed the same results emerged.

This teaches us a few things. First of all it shows that thoughts are vibrations. Vibrations apparently have a certain quality and that can be transmitted to water crystals. Plants, but equally human beings (so just you and me) contain of a lot of water, thus the quality of our thoughts affect our health directly. As a practitioner of yoga and Buddhism i had long since experienced this relationship, but it is only reinsuring to see this relationship being affirmed by scientist and in such a visual way. Then, most importantly we can take from this that we have to do an effort constantly to observe our minds and the thoughts it produces, and change them. How? Through meditation, through a constant practice of asana, and/or meditation. Think of how many ugly water crystals you are producing every second, how you are sickening your body with your own thoughts, and worse effect other people with your thoughts.

I know it is very difficult to actively stop your thoughts, or to slow down the pace of constant stream of thoughts. Instead a practice that I find very useful is to actively think positive thoughts. So when you wake up check your mind and just talk nicely to yourself; when you look in the mirror, talk nicely to yourself; when you walk into your office, think positive thoughts. And, really actively. Other than the positive effects on the water crystals it also rewires the neural pathway in your brain and makes from an unhappy brain a very happy brain. Maybe, for some inspiration you can choose a picture of a beautiful looking water crystal here and see what the matching emotion is and spread that around for that day.

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