Positive and permanent effects of Meditation on brain structure

A lecture by Merel : How Meditation changes brain structures for lasting transformation.

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Merel Martens – How Meditation changes brain structures for lasting transformation

On request Merel gave a lecture in the Netherlands about the physiology of happiness. She is explaining how the practice of yoga, and in specific meditation changes the brain structure in such a way that it contributes to lasting happiness and compassion, drawing from her own experience of a regular asana, pranayama and meditation practice and evidence from both old and recent scientific research.

It has been shown that both lottery winners and paraplegics report the same level of happiness. If it is not external events, status, material possessions that give lasting happiness, where should we seek it? Buddhist practitioners and yogis have know it for long times now and slowly the understanding is spreading that the key to ‘happiness’ lays in the brain, as it is the mind that colours our experiences and life events. Like any other muscle in the body we can train our brain to interpret and respond to situations in such a way that it creates least dramatic emotions, misery and suffering for ourselves and those around us. In this lecture Merel explains in detail how to change those ‘pathways’ in the brain referring to new insights from neuroscience, such as neuroplasticity, with meditation techniques from the yogic and Buddhist tradition.

Merel’s Lecture Notes.


Lecture notes1




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  1. Wow what an amazing lecture. I just loved it do you also have a transcript of it:-)

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