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In the morning a forcing start with an 2 hr hatha class. Running Warm Up – Military sun salutations, and a lot of struggles with the mind. Outside it was raining, so there was no sun who gave us a better mood. And then a teacher in the front who is telling you, you have to be focused now. „What a great start..“ 🙂  ( The teacher is by the way just writing this blog)

hands-raisedIt’s just fun. The mind is sometimes struggling with the outside world, but when you look inside there is no reason to struggle with yourself or with the situation. Even when it’s raining. Your mind and your brain are deciding how you feel, and what you are taking out of this day, this week, this teacher-training, even your whole life. So sometimes it helps in difficult situations, just simply to shut your brain and your thoughts off, and just be in the present and work on yourself.

So everybody stayed alive after the morning class.

After Breakfast, and anatomy class we were allowed“ today to learn handstand. This pose is one of the most intense poses in yoga. And especially for women it is really forcing, because you really need strong arms to stay for a while in this pose.

But here are strong and powerful female students, who where not struggling in one moment the whole day.  🙂


1st Step: We engaged our arms easy to get a feeling for the handstand. This was easy at this point. 🙂


2nd Step: This time we had to push our legs against the wall, and slowly walk up till you reach 90 degrees. It looks easy at this picture, but if you are in this pose, now the whole bodyweight is on arms. The distance from your feet to the wall should have the same length as your leg in a seated position.


This is really intense and you have to be careful and aware of your body in every second.

So everybody tried this pose for a few sets. The intensity went higher as we had to move one leg against the wall, and the other one in a line over our head and torso. So we came every minute closer to the real handstand. 🙂

3rd Step: So here we were finished with the preparation.  Now everybody had to try a handstand at the wall. For this we started as always, bringing in your hands in front of you directed to the wall.  To come up into the handstand, the first step is to bring on leg up. Then you jump with the other leg, so that you create momentum or a kind of slow swing to bring up your bodyweight on your arms. And when you’re in the pose, really try to keep your arms straight, and then bring your head looking in the opposite direction, away from the wall.


So this was the Art of Teaching Class of this forceful day. But if you think that was the end of the day and of the exercises. No No.. We had one more yoga and meditation class in the afternoon.

And if you think that we had, like usually in the afternoon time, a gentle class.. No No.

The class was really wonderful for everybody, but the teacher wanted one more time to bring our body’s in handstand position. And there the struggle of the mind was again here. But this time all students reacted really relaxed and laughing.  And why?

Because the sun has began to shine.

Shanti 😉

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