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Today in anatomy class everything just clicked together. At the start of the course it was a bit tricky to get. But patience showed me. I took all the information on board for the past 2 weeks, I never panicked (Nearly did sometimes) and then it all clicked. Work and effort pays off!

I ate great food in ‘Spaced out’ today. Beautiful aubergine lasagne. God I love food.

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I took a walk on my own. I really felt I needed alone time, I love everyones company but me time was needed. I didn’t contemplate when I walked – I just walked. Concentrated on each step and my breath and I felt refreshed after it.

In the afternoon it was planned that the whole group would hike to a waterfall close by. But then we didn’t end up going because the whole group didn’t want to go. 

I was looking forward to it since I got up in the morning then at a stage I didn’t want to go and I motivated myself to go. Then I turned up tho the hall and it was announced that we weren’t going. This should me that life is unexpected and sometimes things just don’t go ahead. So it’s important to be flexible and ‘don’t place all your eggs in one basket’.

Little recap in teacher training in Dharamshala so far:
I got the opportunity to see the Dalai Lama. The atmosphere he created in the space was amazing. Sometimes I get un easy in crowds but with all the people compact together there was such a sense of peace. This was nice to be part of. Seeing him also made me remember the book that I read before ‘The Art of Happiness’. And remember some of the mighty teachings in the book. I just can’t believe I saw him – it felt surreal.

I went para gliding and it was awesome. I was initially really nervous, I felt soooo anxious and nauseous. As I was taking off for the paragliding – running at full force off the side of the mountain there was pure adrenalin rushing through my veins. Then as I took off soaring over the sky it felt unreal. Flying through the sky watching down on how minute everything was below. It put things into perspective. How minute everything is – how minute I am in the whole of things. It’s a refreshing thought!

This week I really got deep into Yin yoga. I am really starting to understand that i much prefer slow types of yoga I prefer to feel the subtle energy running through my body. It gets me into a meditative state. It’s funny because when I was younger I couldn’t sit still, hyper active crazy child. And now I have completely changed – I’m gone more mellow.

This week I overcame my goals that I set.I studied hard on anatomy – Studying each class and preparing my classes for next month. I also spent a lot of time preparing asana classes. Achieving the small goals I set each week and day are very satisfying. I think it’s great to set daily attainable goals. Because if you set goals too far ahead you may not get there.

As an old Tibetan proverb puts it ‘ The next life or tomorrow we can never be certain which will come first.’ So I suppose the thing to do is to take the small attainable goals. And the most important thing is to enjoy it all along the way.


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