Being a daughter..

Chances are, like me, if you’re a daughter of India then, you’ve let one part of your life define all of you…
That you’ve let that role become you and let it rule over you…
We the Daughters of India are the perfect example of such life styles…

An Indian Bride
An Indian Bride
We are born, and we are brought up by being defined.. definitions of being a good daughter, definition of being a good wife, daughter-in-law, mother… we are constantly defined… But never during these definitions does one role cease to exist..

At any and every step in our lives, we are judged… being a good daughter-in-law reflects on how good a daughter you are… being a good mother reflects on how good a wife you are…. being a good wife reflects on how good a daughter/daughter-in-law/mother you are… each role is intertwined… each role is closely knit together… its like one cannot exist without the other.

We struggle everyday, we struggle with the definitions of these roles, we let these roles and characters of our personality rule us and take over our lives. It has become such an intricate part of our lives that we seldom think about it…when during these characterisations are we expected to become us? when do we become just a woman?

Does being a woman not count any more? wasn’t there a time when above all the roles, was the role of a woman, a good woman. Do you ever let the woman inside you breathe? do you let her have her day and understand the dreams and wishes of her? cause if you do, then you’ll know that you are not satisfied by being defined by these terms, you need more. you need to be recognised as a person, a woman, a goddess.

They say you have to let your hair down sometime…

I’d say you should take time off… be a woman, your own special person who can breathe fresh… who can test her wings and decide which role or none will she let herself be defined by……………

Be ….Just be

by Anu

agree/ disagree let me know in the comments below….

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