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Take a bow on your stellar decision to start or rejuvenate your venture to Yoga. Selecting the correct Yin Yoga teacher and forming a rapport with him/her is of utmost importance in the journey to attain your goals. Unfortunately, it is not easy finding the correct teacher and course. However, these tips will get you started in your quest to select yin yoga teacher training and teacher who will take you all the way:

1) Put your potential teacher on the spot: Don’t be afraid to question your teacher’s background pertaining to yoga and ask specific question about the course. Ask them about how their program stands out from others. Tell them about your goals and ask them how they will help you achieve them. If you do not fancy yourself progressing with them and are sceptical about the training program they have to offer, it is safe to say that you need to consider other options. It is important to identify that the teacher is passionate about Yoga and confident in the set of skills he/she possesses.

2) Analyse your potential teacher’s concern for safety: A good yoga teacher will never make you perform an asana that is not meant for you (due to your medical history or your levels of expertise). A Yoga teacher who carefully evaluates her students keeps questioning them regarding the difficulties that arise while performing an asana and suggests alternatives is reassuring. This will not only help you perform asanas correctly but also prevent you from getting injured.

3) Analyse your potential teacher’s communication skills: Being a practitioner is one thing and being a teacher is another. Your teacher may have perfected her art, but the purpose is defeated if she is not able to convey it to you in an impactful manner. Yoga involves compound movements of the various limbs along with a systematic breathing pattern and a good teacher will always be able to communicate them in a crystal-clear way.

4) Say NO to the mean ones: Yoga is way beyond the twists, turns, and fancy poses. It is to achieve inner peace along with building a resolute patience. If your teacher has a rude nature and is stingy about your progress, it means he himself has failed to realize the crucial aspect of this art. A good teacher will always be patient, believe the potential that you hold, and will work towards bringing it out.

5) Start with a beginner’s class: Yes, you may be from an athletic background. Yes, you may have some experience with the YouTube videos you have been watching. Despite that, it is advisable to start with the beginner’s class because it is going to help you in the long run. Each teacher has a unique style of teaching. A leap to the advanced classes will cause problems if you haven’t attended their corresponding beginner’s class which was necessary to form the continuity into this advanced class. It will hamper your growth and lower your morale. Also, in a beginner’s class, everybody is a beginner, and this will help you get rid of the performance complex you might be having.

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