day 19: day of “the monsun”

it’s only 1 more week to our exams, i can’t believe time passed by so fast. however we are separated in a small group of 3 people now (cari, ryan snd me) and have different classes, much more intense and private.

today morning there was a big rainshower that set the shala under water so we had no asana class. instead cari and went to breakfast and had some time for ourselves, which was very welcome change to our busy schedule. later we had anatomy with merel and a satsang with guru reij – it was highly interesting, i just need to relax more in his presence. at the satsang different people sat around the guru and he was talking and answering questions out of the group. it was very uncomplicated and yet i had to concentrate a lot not to lose track, because my mind started processing all the information at the same time. in the afternoon we had some q&a session about tantra.

later we had the most awesome ashtanga class, led by an austrian – he is a great teacher, also we were a small group to teach so everyone got a lot of attention. the evening classes always end with sunset while the morning classes start with sundawn. so we were looking over the ocean on the red sun and sky with lots of happiness inside.


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