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I love travelling. However lets be honest as groovy as it is living in India teaching yoga and being surrounded by free spirited people sometimes I just miss my mom!
However, being in a community of backpackers is awesome and helps when ever a bout of ‘missing the family’ arises. Being with friends and sharing chai in the evenings, walking in the village and being greeted by name from the locals all make a huge difference when you feel a little down and out.

Although travellers come and go the friendly energy remains the same. No one is a stranger. There is this common understanding that we are all travelling and experiencing something new- bad, good, or indifferent. We are a sort of global family. Israel, Burma, Taiwan, Mexico, Italy, Nepal, Sri Lanka among others are all places that I have a place to crash along my travels in the future. How lucky am I.
Im not sure how I will cope if I go back to the west. I love living in the unpredictability of India. Everyday there is something that makes me laugh uncontrollably- you know that type of laughter like when you were at school and you held your nose to try and contain it.

Its certainly a cultural melting pot here in Dharamkot and wow has it thought me a lot. Its like the saying “The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know”. This definitely applies to travel and yoga and is the reason i love it so much. Eternal learning.

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Goa, India
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