Whats Your Style?

I have often been asked the question; Whats your favourite yoga style? I would initially think of my favourite school of practice-ashtanga yoga.
Then yesterday I was with a friend that I haven’t seen in a long time. We decided to go and swim at the temple. I had never seen a female bathing there before. We went in together and just swam as people looked on in intrigue. It was the first time I had been swimming in about 2 Months. I realised how much I missed it. The beauty of being held by water mixed with the natural tranquility it brings is just amazing. I realised then that this is ‘my yoga’.
Often people say ‘ah no I don’t do yoga’ or ‘I’ve never tried’ but really it is not true.
We all have our own way to practice. Whether it be in the garden or in your kitchen. Mindful movements that make you happy and sharpen your consciousness. For me that is being in the ocean. Where is that place for you?

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