The mat is a mirror

This morning in class I found myself struggling. We have all been there. All I wanted to do was Balasana, childs pose. I wasnt even tired i just felt weak in my muscles and my mind meandered pointlessly.I was resistant.

I tried to keep the mantra “just 2 more breaths” circulating in my mind.

It worked but I knew I wasnt giving my full attention to the practice, I was more concerned with what I couldnt do. Why? Why has this pestering beast of insecurity come back to me. This niggling discomfort of the mind soon evaporated when I decided to go through the alignment of seated postures in my class. We all did the asanas and observed just how different each body is. The level of compassion and humility among the group just overwhelmed me. We are all at different stages and places in our practice and it makes it all the more interesting to be a part of. To see a student achieve something on the mat for the first time brings sheer delight!
Today I feel as high as the mountains I am surrounded by. After a great morning practice, a little self doubt and a giggly alignment class I’m feeling balanced.


Peace and Pout!
Peace and Pout!
Its a flexible man, look out!
Its a flexible man, look out!
The best apple and cinnamon tea in India
The best apple and cinnamon tea in India

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